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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 04:50pm 25/11/10 | 12 Comments
Epic have released a new video showing off the changes they've made to Unreal Engine 3, which are pretty awesome from all accounts.

Aside from the engine overall looking much better than Unreal 2 or 2.5, they've updated with additions such as Directional Light Shafts, Higher Quality Depth of Field, Colour Grading, Cascaded Shadow Maps, Improved Weather Effects, Material Layer Bending and much, much more.

The tech demo itself is moody and well-presented, giving a lot of great visual context to the engine's main changes.

Watch it embedded below, or download it here in 720p (recommended).

epicunreal engine 3tech demo

Latest Comments
Posted 06:14pm 25/11/10
I enjoyed watching that, it's pretty impressive and I'll be happy to see what games utilise this.
Posted 06:29pm 25/11/10
I kept expecting some bulky guy to run in and double jump across one of the water features :-(
Posted 06:31pm 25/11/10
The neat thing is they've included that map in the newest version of the UDK, so you can check it out.
Posted 07:01pm 25/11/10
You guys gonna add HD streaming any time soon?
Posted 07:03pm 25/11/10
Is this the engine GOW3 will be running on?
Posted 08:06pm 25/11/10
probably, but those UDK scenes are always made for high end PCs and many of those features I'll doubt you'll see on console, not to that kind of quality and framerate anyway
Posted 08:46pm 25/11/10
Nice, they've actually done depth of field correctly. Most games just make the background/foreground blurry without paying any attention to how bokeh blur actually looks through a lens. They always just have a crappy looking generically blurry background/foreground and it looks s***. Depth of field is not just like a Photoshop blur filter.
Posted 11:27pm 25/11/10
screw the graphics. have they added lag compensation yet? interpolation? lots of multiplayer games running the u3 engine are practically unplayable with pings above 100.
Posted 10:01am 26/11/10
Another UT game please...
Posted 11:50am 26/11/10
lost the effect with standard def streaming
Steve Farrelly
Posted 12:13pm 26/11/10
we're working on HD streaming as you speak
Posted 12:23pm 26/11/10
I guess Bioshock Infinity will be running this as well which will look pretty swish.
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