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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 11:58am 25/11/10 | 40 Comments
Believe it or not, it made it (I actually played a bit of it last night, but was too inebriated to really offer any cohesive thoughts today :P). Gran Turismo 5 is out today, and to celebrate ahead of posting up our review (coming soon), we have the official launch trailer for the game from Sony and Polyphony Digital.

Obviously there isn't much to reveal here; just more to show off in the way of the game's impressive visuals, its mammoth car list, track list and features list in typical Sony "flash" style. I wonder how many people took the day off work today to get behind the wheel?

Watch the trailer embedded below, or click here to download it.

gran turismo 5sonytrailerpolyphony digital
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Latest Comments
Posted 12:31pm 25/11/10
So when can we expect a review?
Posted 12:52pm 25/11/10
im heading to get it soon, after this mornings bank f*** up
Posted 12:54pm 25/11/10
I didn't take the day off but I did swing by Chermside before work (turns out JB open at 9am) to pick mine up

special edition video from the usb key inside the pack;
http://jack.unix.org.au/~brett/images/gt5/GT5_SLS_MB_Museum_BerndSchneider_Englisch_1080p-KioskNoResize.mp4 (400+mb, 3m20sec video)

The redemption codes don't seem to be working for those of us who are trying to enter the SLS Mercedes competiton :(
Sauce: http://community.eu.playstation.com/t5/Gran-Turismo/Where-can-I-enter-the-AMG-competition/m-p/11915614#M2274
Posted 01:05pm 25/11/10
soundtrack to that trailer is horrible. Wow. really bad.
Posted 01:33pm 25/11/10
How much was that teq?
Posted 01:36pm 25/11/10
Posted 01:39pm 25/11/10
geez, could not bring myself to pay 300 for a game.
Posted 01:48pm 25/11/10
yeah that seems overpriced. $199 would be pushin it

looks like it's cheapc*** edition for me

last edited by arclore at 13:48:10 25/Nov/10
Posted 02:03pm 25/11/10
its ok because im going to win a $400k+ car
Posted 02:04pm 25/11/10
haha yer good luck with that.
Posted 07:10pm 25/11/10
Picked my Col Edition this morning, your codes might not be working but at least you got a code. I got a blank Voucher just has an empty white box
Posted 07:21pm 25/11/10
So what is the verdict should I dust off my ps3? Does the car damage look fail like we have seen/heard? Is it better than starcraft 2 and peggle deluxe?
Posted 07:22pm 25/11/10
Posted 09:00pm 25/11/10
Very underwhelming IMHO....... Crap car sounds, slow load times, cluncky menu system, PS3 controller just feels wrong ..... Its like GT4 with better graphics - and i'm talking NOT 6 years in the making with new hardware and multiple delays kinda better graphics. Maybe I just need to give it some serious loving ..... I just expected it to be great from the get go...... not slow and frustrating.

Bought the $129 collectors like a sucker ... shoulda got the $77 standard from Harvey Norman. Even then id be a bit like meh ...... Games are more hype than good these days. (like COD:BO)

Classic example of 99% looks, 1% game play.
Posted 10:22pm 25/11/10
^ play Fallout:NV
Posted 06:38am 26/11/10
got mine for 77 from big w,

the only thing is tho its f*****g huuuuuuuge i think its the sorta thing u gotta play for like 1 million hrs to get anywhere

Posted 06:50am 26/11/10
Very underwhelming IMHO....... Crap car sounds, slow load times, cluncky menu system, PS3 controller just feels wrong ..... Its like GT4 with better graphics - and i'm talking NOT 6 years in the making with new hardware and multiple delays kinda better graphics. Maybe I just need to give it some serious loving ..... I just expected it to be great from the get go...... not slow and frustrating.

Posted 08:54am 26/11/10
I'm loving it, it's like reliving my teenage years all over again
I'm struggling on the licenses though, mostly because I was falling asleep but also because it isnt as easy as i remember

i gotta get me a g27
Posted 09:10am 26/11/10
those gfx look incredible fpot :/
Posted 01:42pm 26/11/10

... At least you were wearing shorts Teq.

The fun starts when you unlock the Elise challenge around the Topgear test track (lvl 8?)
Still waiting on my wheel (ordered 2 weeks ago when the release date finalised)
Posted 04:23pm 26/11/10
any luck on the competition entry teq?
Posted 05:24pm 26/11/10
those gfx look incredible fpot

I know, I especially love the harsh, angular, polygonal wheel arches.
Posted 06:35pm 26/11/10
5 years and this is all we get?

It's obvious old mate dropped this project to help with the development of the R35.

Game feels like a polished version of Prologue, so it's a polished turd.

ugh -_-;

Wish they had a decent wheel for Xbox 360. I'd go back to Forza.
Posted 07:04pm 26/11/10
i guess teq has to rate this game coz he paid so much cash for it.
Posted 07:30pm 26/11/10
What a s*** game.

Forza 3 > GT5

p.s. teq is a chump.
Posted 08:23pm 26/11/10
I don't know but hope Sony/Polyphony fixes AI issues in Licence stage:

-duly accepted if it I was at fault during impact but if AI causes it and the gamer is the one disqualified.. that doesn't bode very well.

Loading times - even saving game files on HDD still takes awhile.

Another minor complaint - shadows look really "jaggy", maybe it could be deliberate on developer but it kind of ruins the glorious look of the cars.

Besides that I think the game is absolutely glorious and epic in it's contents. Game play is miles ahead of every console-based competitors.

Haven't tried going on-line but I'm hearing still a lot of issues and that a patch will be available.
Posted 09:38pm 26/11/10
lol @ paying 299 for this. How dumb would you have to be.
Posted 09:41pm 26/11/10
time to take it for a spin on the 3dtv methinks
Posted 09:56pm 26/11/10

I can tell he's a boofhead just by looking at his reflection lawwwwwwwl
Posted 09:59pm 26/11/10
I hope you enjoy the game

Posted 11:15pm 26/11/10
I think whether or not the game is fun is kinda based on what you want from a racing game. Like I much prefer Burnout or Need for Speed, cos I don't reallly want realism or a billion different ways I can tune my car (cos I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to that anyway)

I think this quote from one of the reviews on meta-critic sums it up well for me:

If you're one of those car nuts I mentioned earlier, here's your game. Have fun, we'll see you in a year when you finally leave the house. If you're not in that group -- you like, even love racing games, but care less about tuning and more about the thrill of the race -- GT5 is like walking in on a group of physicists discussing string theory and asking who wants to go toss around a ball for a bit. You're looking to have fun; they're only interested in studying the math behind how it bounces.
Posted 08:27am 27/11/10
yeah i'm one of those car nuts and i think it's awesome

now that i'm a bit older and have more appreciation for different cars than just the R34 GTR

pretty much how i played GT4 was buy an r32 gts-t and get enough cash to buy an R34 GTR then mod it to the f*** and race as many races as i could with it and get bored because i didn't want to drive any other car lol
Posted 09:39am 27/11/10
wtf is with the default control from this?

x as accel? its not 1990 anymore fellas everyone uses r2

atleast u can remap with no problems
Posted 10:47am 27/11/10
i still use digital throttle in car (ie the x button)
Posted 11:14am 27/11/10
how :/ it feels so gumby now,
Posted 12:46pm 27/11/10
s*** is so yawn
Posted 05:16pm 27/11/10
I think those who bought Signature and Collectors got shafted on price.. basic GT5 only one offering a very good deal at the moment - lowest AU$77.
Posted 01:13pm 28/11/10
The physics themselves are better then Forza but thats about it. Forza AI kills GT5 AI.

Racing with forza AI is like racing with a professional. Racing in GT5 is like racing a 12 yr old in a go-kart. Which is funny because you can get go-karts in GT5...

Anyway my main gripe, im not ussually a graphics over gameplay guy, but this is horrible

Standard Cars
http://www.gtpla.net/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/jsmenugtauto02.jpeg (look at the sponges. Then look at the reflection, not only its is pixelated, where the hell are the sponges?)

Photo mode http://img9.imageshack.us/img9/9601/poortvanahrweiler2.jpg (i must admit, photo mode makes the cars look sex)
Ingame http://images.lazygamer.net/2010/11/GTMonza.jpg
Posted 12:23pm 29/11/10
I read somewhere a lot of people who bought either a Collector or Signature Series GT5 sold and made a lot of money selling-off their Stealth and Chrome Line car pack at EBay..

..Anyways truly an epic game is GT5 and enjoying every bit of it, cars and trucks not only look spectacular but the physics is just outstanding.

I'm sure with GT5 selling by the tons doesn't really need any marketing, but do want to see an advert on the tellie.. so when are we going to see one Sony?
Posted 05:38pm 29/11/10
im sure u will be able to buy the stealth and chrome line from ps store in a few weeks
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