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Post by Dan @ 09:50am 25/11/10 | 31 Comments
Upsetting fans that were backing Nathan Fillion and Nolan North for the role, Marky Mark Wahlberg has revealed in an interview with MTV that he will be stepping into the shoes of Nathan Drake for the role in Sony's upcoming Uncharted film.

Based on the popular PlayStation 3 exclusive action-adventure games, the movie is currently in pre-production under director David O. Russell, who has previously worked with Wahlberg on Three Kings, I Heart Huckabees and most recently The Fighter.

During the interview, Wahlberg also drops some hints as to other potential casting:
Recently there have been rumors that O. Russell was interested in casting Joe Pesci and Robert De Niro in the film, and Wahlberg confirmed those, as well. "That's who he wants to write the parts for. I talked to Pesci about it and I know David's people have talked to [Robert De Niro]."
As to how they would fit into the story, Wahlberg explains:
"I'm obviously in whatever David wants to do but the idea of it is so off the charts: De Niro being my father, Pesci being my uncle. It's not going to be the watered-down version, that's for sure."
This suggests that the film is likely to diverge entirely from the tales of the video games, as neither game featured any of Drake's family members other than the reference to his explorer ancestor Sir Francis Drake.

While Wahlberg certainly fits the Nathan Drake appearance, his personality and past performances seem a little off for this role. His last video game role as the lead in Max Payne also didn't turn out so great. Does this one still have potential?


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Posted 09:51am 25/11/10
nope. Nathan Fillion (minus a few kilos) was required for this movie to have potential.
Tim Tibbetts
Posted 09:56am 25/11/10
Boo! Nathan Fillion would have been perfect
Reverend Evil
Posted 10:07am 25/11/10
Mark Wahlberg seems like a nice guy but his acting sucks
Steve Farrelly
Posted 10:24am 25/11/10
I'm happy he's in it. usually all he needs is a good director actually directing him, and O. Russell knows how better than anyone

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Posted 10:25am 25/11/10
well this movie just went down the toilet.

wahlberg ruining another gaming franchise? i think so

edit: read some info about the rumoured storyline. looks like the only thing the movie is sharing with the game is the name. why the f*** cant they just stick to the source material?

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Posted 10:42am 25/11/10
Better Wahlberg than Damon.
Posted 10:51am 25/11/10
Well I think David O Russell has the potential to bring out the best in Wahlberg. I Heart Huckabees accounts for that.
Posted 10:52am 25/11/10
In saying that... Nathan Fillion would have been totally awesome.

maybe they should have a cameo of Buck in the (now confirmed-ish) Halo move, played by Nathan Fillion...
Posted 11:07am 25/11/10
Actually I think Damon is less annoying that Wahlberg.

But Nathan "Captain" Fillion should have got it.
Posted 12:05pm 25/11/10
Yeah, this is retarded, Nathan Fillion was the obvious choice.
Posted 12:08pm 25/11/10
I love mark wahlberg for what he did with entourage, but yeah, he is a s*** actor.
Posted 01:32pm 25/11/10
+1 casa

Entourage was epic, nothing he has been is has been very good tho. He has like an akward acting style that puts alot of ppl off
Posted 03:10pm 25/11/10
I like Wahlberg. I know nothing about Uncharted though so don't really care.
Posted 03:14pm 25/11/10
Hopefully it is as good as Max Payne
Posted 03:43pm 25/11/10
Uncharted could have been great, could have been a modern day Indiana Jones, but now I find myself not really giving a s*** about it. I'll just go back and play some more Uncharted 2 and pretend thats the movie.
Posted 03:49pm 25/11/10
same khel.

its like theyve taken all the good bits about the game (pretty much the whole thing) and thrown it in the trash.
Posted 04:07pm 25/11/10
Not really caring about the movie either way because Game-to-Movie is never good. The games on the other hand were easily some of the best single player experiences ever

More looking forward to the 3rd game (whenever that is)
Posted 04:10pm 25/11/10
Wahlberg's acting is atrocious. I'd prefer Matt Damon any day - think Rounders, Mr Ripley, etc

Posted 04:13pm 25/11/10
More looking forward to the 3rd game (whenever that is)

rumour is that its going to be announced during or after the vga show.

heh the happening should have been called plants vs zombies.

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Posted 04:13pm 25/11/10
Well this is disappointing. Maybe Fillion wasn't interested? Though I'd say it's more likely that he wasn't offered the role.
Posted 04:16pm 25/11/10
Maybe Fillion wasn't interested?

he wanted the role.

my guess is that the director went with wahlberg because hes worked with him 3 times before.
Posted 04:20pm 25/11/10
I feel like watching Bourne now dammit.
Posted 11:45pm 25/11/10
Wahlberg = Captain Cardboard
Posted 12:10am 26/11/10
Wahlberg lacks the charisma that makes Nathan Drake so awesome.
Posted 12:20am 26/11/10
This makes me a sad panda.
He's one of those bad actors that I've enjoyed ( Harrison Ford, Arnie, etc ), but I can't see myself enjoying what Marky Mark is going to bring to this franchise. The IP is gold Jerry, GOLD (imo), and rarely is such a thing realized in regards to game -> film conversion. I fear this is going to be another one of those missed opportunities because of the casting and story direction. Bah
Posted 12:41am 26/11/10
nothing he has been is has been very good tho.

yeah, departed was s*** amirite

as said, he just needs directing
Posted 07:57am 30/11/10
Hollywood takes another casting crap on our favorite stories. I'd even prefer Shia Lebeouf over Marky Mark in this role...he truly is that s***. Drake is meant to be charismatic and witty...Mark Marky is insipid and irritating.

Nathan Drake has has Fillion all over it... even Johnny Knoxville would be better!

Bobby Deniro and Jo Pesci? They must be making Uncharted: Amongst Goodfellas

Bada Bing
Posted 03:02pm 30/11/10
Nathan Fillion as Drake, and Bruce Campbell as Sully, thats what I want. Go make that movie instead, damn you hollywood!
Posted 03:32pm 30/11/10
Bruce Campbell and Nathan Fillion in one film? That would be kick ass.
Tim Tibbetts
Posted 04:19pm 30/11/10
Nathan Fillion as Drake, and Bruce Campbell as Sully, thats what I want. Go make that movie instead, damn you hollywood!

Hells yes!!!
Posted 05:14pm 30/11/10
Wow Khel, now you've made me even more upset about the current casting. :(
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