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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 11:23am 24/11/10 | 10 Comments
Tim Schafer and co over at Double Fine (Brutal Legend, Psychonauts) have unveiled their next project, simply titled Stacking, which stars Russian Matryoshka (or Nesting) dolls. In particular, it stars Charlie Blackmore, a chimney sweep who is the smallest doll of all, allowing him to essentially jump inside the husk of any other doll around him, thus granting him their specific abilities in order to perform tasks, complete puzzles or whatever else it is Double Fine will dream up he has to do.

The brain child of Lee Petty, art director for Brutal Legend, Stacking is due to arrive in Autumn of 2011 on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade through THQ as publisher. We have a stack of screens you can see directly here, or by clicking the images below.

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Latest Comments
Posted 11:53am 24/11/10
Looks like a pretty cool idea however the art style makes me physically ill.
Posted 07:26pm 24/11/10
Cool, I always liked Paradroid.
Posted 07:33pm 24/11/10
Interesting idea.
Posted 07:40pm 24/11/10
Posted 07:59pm 24/11/10
Very much reminds me of Voodoo Vince.
Posted 08:03pm 24/11/10
haha even I could be a character artist or animator in a place like that
Posted 08:21pm 24/11/10
yeah the Idea is cool but f*** that art style,fitting as it is, burns my eyes.
Posted 08:24pm 24/11/10
I thought the visual style was the best part of the whole thing. So nice to see something different for a change.
Posted 08:33pm 24/11/10
well yeah it fits really well with the game but I'm just not into it
Posted 08:37pm 24/11/10
Hah, what an awesome concept, looks like something I would definitely buy.

Bet I forget about it.
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