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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 05:54pm 23/11/10 | 3 Comments
This is a bit belated, but it's been a madhouse at AusGamers the past few months. At any rate, we've now put together and posted up our video interview feature with THQ's Danny Bilson, who is the company's executive VP of core games - meaning he makes sure all their games are up to scratch before they're even allowed out the door.

In the interview we touch on THQ's future, their more aggressive stance to new, original IP, issues such as dedicated server models, console and PC parity, and why he doesn't think it's the correct thing to do in game development, 3DS and so much more.

Click here for the full interview feature.

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Posted 08:41pm 23/11/10
Very good interview Steve, I appreciate the PC related questions :D. I'd read some interviews with him around the web recently and really like what he's had to say and video interview FTW.

Also what is the release date or expected delay on the PC version of Homefront? His comments have me interested to see if it's true that the delay will be justified with unique features or if it's just the usual BS excuse for PC delay.

Unrelated... I'm glad that they have finally put MX Vs. ATV Reflex on PC and for only $20. Win.
Posted 09:12pm 23/11/10
At the moment there's no disparity between the platform's release dates for Homefront. Unlike Darksiders, the PC version is due at the same time as PS3 and X360 (March 11 2010 for Australia).

They have a separate studio (Digital Extremes in Canada) working the PC version specifically, with Frank DeLise overseeing it. Often it might be concerning that an external studio is working on a "port" of the game for a specific platform, but I think in this case it's definitely a good thing. DeLise knows PC gaming (founder of KAOS Studios and creator of Desert Combat BF1942 mod) and Digital Extremes are Unreal Engine vets. If anyone can tame UE3 for better PC support, it's those guys.
Posted 09:34pm 23/11/10
Nice, thx dan.
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