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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 05:08pm 19/11/10 | 24 Comments
IGN have revealed the first DLC release for Fallout: New Vegas, well ahead of the schedule for DLC set by Bethesda and Fallout 3 (maybe it will sneakily ship with some serious patch work).

"Dead Money" will be available for download from December 21, exclusively for Xbox 360, where players team up with three other wastelanders for something of a heist/treasure expedition to recover the Sierra Madre Casino treasure. It's promised we'll see new areas, new quests and new major decisions, though no specifics on desperately need patches or updates were mentioned and there was also no media released.

The new content will cost 800 MS Points (AU$13).

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Latest Comments
Posted 05:27pm 19/11/10
Posted 05:30pm 19/11/10
exclusively for Xbox 360

Kiss my fat ass. Release it on all 3 platforms at once you f****.
Posted 06:48pm 19/11/10
^ agreed, couldn't have said it better
Posted 07:20pm 19/11/10
What DM said.

This game is a hairy scrotum on console.
Posted 07:56pm 19/11/10
Kiss my fat ass. Release it on all 3 platforms at once you f****.

and miss the chance to ream 360 owners by overcharging for an extra mission or two ? hah!
Posted 09:57pm 19/11/10
XBox 360 exclusivity... wth?

By making this choice they are simply encouraging people to not pay for it at a later date (pirated).

To my knowledge this is the first time they are stuffing us around with this type of stuff.
Posted 12:33am 20/11/10
meh its good that they are releasing it exclusively to 360 cause its better (in my opininio) no im not one of those 1 side dumb s**** that only say the 360 is better, i had the ps3 atleast 2 years before i got my 360 and i must say i had some great times, but until i experienced the 360 i was amazed in its user friendly features and its strong online backbone. i have been on ps3 but there just isnt enough people online for it to be fun anymore. the trophies system was great but then when you compare it to the achievement system, it just doesnt cut it, although the leveling system was quite nice.

anyway its for the best because the 360 will eventually dominate the gaming community. the new xbox kinda kicks the crap out of the new ps3, but then again its basically a ps3 made by microsoft with xbox live etc.

i think people should convert, xboxs are quite cheap and you dont need the new ones. im glad i converted because there is just so much more with the 360 than the ps3.
im not here to cause trouble and i dont want ps3 owners b****in at me cause of my opinion. if you like ps3 than good for you. ive tried both and i like the 360 more
Posted 01:26am 20/11/10
I can't even comprehend how people play Fallout on anything but the PC. The amount of times I have saved my butt from bugs with the console is well... too many times to count.
Posted 02:28am 20/11/10
I haven't even taken the shrink wrap off my copy yet, I'm waiting for this supposed mega-patch that is going to fix a whole s***load of stuff before I play it. Maybe they should actually fix the game before trying to screw more money out of people?
Posted 08:26am 20/11/10
Hahaha people playing Fallout on consoles. Laughinggirls.png
Posted 09:10am 20/11/10
Hellfire, how in christs name does your argument have anything to with an exclusive dlc release.
what the f***...
Posted 09:34am 20/11/10
I think Hellfire was talking about PS3 vs Xbox 360 exclusivity, and wasn't factoring in PC.
Posted 01:04pm 20/11/10
The only reason to play on 360 is if your PC does not have enough grunt to handle it.

The PC version:

- Has better patching
- Is able to have mods, texture packs and sound mods added
- Runs smoother and is easier to manage

Hands Down PC is better!
Posted 01:37pm 20/11/10
PC is pretty much the superior platform now. xbox and ps3 graphics just look dated.
Posted 01:56pm 20/11/10
Yah, PC version has been patched twice already from memory.
Posted 02:18pm 20/11/10
LOL PC gaming has been dying for a while now, I'll give it 2 years at the most until it's all gone.
I don't know why your all in denial about it, the next Xbox console will finish it off.
Posted 02:22pm 20/11/10
Why not have a console and a PC and enjoy the benefits of owning both? As I have already said, Fallout:NV (which is imo one of the best game ever made) would be s*** on a console. No mods and lots of game breaking bugs. All the bugs I have encountered that would have f***ed my game or impeded it heavily have been easily fixable with the console. Plus fps games will always be superior on the PC due to the mouse-keyboard combo.

But I love my 360 too. Forza owns on it and sport games own on it too. You're dumb if you like playing games and restrict yourself to one platform out of some sense of retarded loyalty.
Posted 02:49pm 20/11/10
Some genre's just suit consoles more. FPS will always be a PC best. Racing, sports, JRPGs will always be console best. western RPGs like dragon age and mass effect can go either way really. PC gaming aint dying. Not until companies like valve and blizzard go belly up.
Posted 06:33pm 20/11/10

LOL PC gaming has been dying for a while now, I'll give it 2 years at the most until it's all gone.
I don't know why your all in denial about it, the next Xbox console will finish it off.
People have been saying this for years now and it hasn't happened yet because it won't happen.
Posted 06:58pm 20/11/10
Yeah, it wont die, its becoming less and less of a significant slice of the pie, and I can see less developers bothering with PC versions of their games maybe, but there'll still be plenty of PC gaming to be had.

Admitedly I probably do more gaming on my 360 and PS3 these days than my PC, but I still wouldn't be without a PC, theres still games that belong there that I would never play on a console.
Posted 07:52pm 20/11/10
missed that it is excluive to xbox. That sux balls. But fallout sure is a heap of fun so far. I am sure they will get it working for PC.
Posted 08:30pm 20/11/10
weren't the fallout 3 dlcs exclusive to the 360 at first aswell?
Posted 10:41am 21/11/10
nope i played through all the fallout 3 dlc on PC
Posted 02:18pm 24/11/10
to say PC is on the way out is narrow minded, even if the next PS and Xbox are the best for there short span of time you will always have a market for PC gaming machines so for developers to stop programing PC is just not true.
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