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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 12:29pm 18/11/10 | 11 Comments
Further to details that BioWare would be showing off their upcoming, unannounced new title at the annual SpikeTV Video Game Awards on December 11, is a full list of the awards' categories and the subsequent nominees in each.

Some of these are a bit silly, but for the most part, the event seems to be maturing to be taken a bit more seriously, and I'd actually agree with a lot of these. Honourable mentions are Mass Effect 2 with nine nominations, Red Dead Redemption which has six and Call of Duty: Black Ops which has four, all three of which are up for Game of the Year among other contenders.

Click this link to see the full list, and drop a line in the Comments for your thoughts.

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Latest Comments
Steve Farrelly
Posted 12:31pm 18/11/10
can't believe red dead got a vote for ps3 game of the year, despite it being a lower res on that platform than 360... kind of retarded
Posted 12:43pm 18/11/10
cant believe uncharted 2 wasnt nominated. it should be nominated every year.

Posted 01:03pm 18/11/10
Most of the game noms are respectable (but cmon a special category for music games?). What is pretty f*****g weak though is the film celebrity circle-jerking of the "Best Performance by a Human" categories.

Granted, at least they have Rob Wiethoff in the for Red Dead, but the rest of the A-list celebrity noms are basically a spit in the face to all the other hard working voice actors in the games industry - they are clearly only nominated for their star power. I mean Sam Worthington is nominated for his role in Black Ops (and that terrible attempt at an America accent, are you kidding me?) yet Robert Clotworthy (Jim Raynor in SC2) or Roger Craig Smith (Ezio in Assassins Creed) don't even get a mention -- obviously because they're just not well-known enough and the VGA organises want to pad out their attendees with as many movie stars as they can.
Posted 01:23pm 18/11/10
Yeah i don't agree with some of the nominations either. The best "insert console here" should be exclusive titles only. Also the numbers lady for best performance? WTF!
Posted 01:31pm 18/11/10
Best song in a game? jesus christ.

games with an original score are the only ones that should matter.
*edit* actually that Jose Gonzalez song from Red Dead was pretty f*****g cool. but f*** it was for all of 5 minutes in the actual game.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 01:57pm 18/11/10
Yeah, the songs should be original song written for the game, f*****g eminem was nominated and his song is only in the Black Ops credits, which doesn't even make sense, and it's an old song wtf!

And yeah, I agree Dan. Though I think it should just be more evenly split, because some actors do a good job supplying their voice to games - Michael Ironside is a good example. It just should be less weighted and far more even.

Also, what's up with the Most Anticipated?!? There're several games that should be in that category that aren't, such as Dead Space 2, MVC3, Homefront, Diablo III etc
Posted 07:19pm 18/11/10
I'm sorry, but I no longer pay attention to any awards ceremonies toward any entertainment medium. They're completely retarded, bias and mind-blowingly stupid. Seriously, just skimming over the catagories and nominee's, I laughed audibly as I disagreed with 98% of everything.

What the hell does "Studio of the year" mean? And If I were to interperate it appropriately, why the hell isn't Valve on there? There's so many games that are hands down greater than any of these that aren't anywhere to be seen. Alien Swarm? It's not even on the Downloadable Game catagory.

For me, the game of the year was Team Fortress 2. Sure it came out four years ago, but it's CONSTANTLY being updated and evolving into completely different experiences. We've reached a point where games are not just one off releases, but products that last for several years thanks to the internet and new design models. The gaming press seem to be stuck in an age of about ten years ago and don't know how to review or award games in this new era of entertainment. Hence why I don't care anymore.
Posted 07:24pm 18/11/10
GOTY in those awards will go to Halo. I can already see it now
Posted 07:49pm 18/11/10
How does Black Ops get a mention and NSF:HP they only came out last week and today respectively or am i missing something?
Posted 08:30pm 18/11/10
Well at least it gave me a chuckle. That list is a joke.
Posted 11:51am 19/11/10
Starcraft II not even nominated for best game of 2010, I could understand if it didn't win.. but not even nominated.. The awards are a joke imo.
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