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Post by Dan @ 12:43am 18/11/10 | 16 Comments
EA's veteran RPG studio BioWare have released a single screenshot teasing "its next major project" and kicking the rumour mill into action.


Given that the various BioWare studios already have Dragon Age 2 and Star: Wars The Old Republic in full production, the strongest rumour suggests the image is most likely from Mass Effect 3, the expected conclusion of the sci-fi saga that was always promised as a trilogy -- but then, it doesn't really look like future-tech.

The BioWare name is now plastered on studios in Edmonton, Montreal, Austin and most recently the renamed BioWare Mythic in Germany. The extent of involvement in the projects each studio is tasked with aren't entirely public knowledge, so it's very possible that it could be something new entirely. We've been told to "stay tuned for more", so hopefully more is revealed soon.

Update: A teaser trailer has also now been released, clarifying that the game will be revealed during the 2010 Spike Video Game Awards in the U.S. on December 11 2010.

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Posted 12:48am 18/11/10
Cool, suspect it's one of their rendered action sequences that they've been releasing before each major title lately.

Miranda from ME 2 had hexagons all over her suit like that.
Posted 12:49am 18/11/10
I hope it's not mass effect and someone else that's fresh. But either way i'm cool, that image doesn't really feel like mass effect though.
Posted 12:56am 18/11/10
Had a google for any other info and this came up, seems to confirm ME3 or ME2 DLC.
Posted 01:08am 18/11/10
Posted 01:13am 18/11/10
Whatever the game is it'll finish 2 hours after you put your team together. Hoping it's something new as well though.
Posted 01:26am 18/11/10
Some guy there on Kotaku suggested it might be about the first-contact war with the Turians, which sounds plausible.
Posted 01:29am 18/11/10
Ah you killed it Nerfington! I was also hoping for something fresh.
Posted 01:50am 18/11/10
Yeah something about the early days of ME would be f*****g awesome. some of the lore about the first contact war and and the things Zaeed referenced made it seem rather dark,gritty and f***ed up.
Posted 02:41am 18/11/10
It may actually not be ME, 'liking' bioware stuff on facebook has had me spammed with barcode scanner thingies

Which people have worked out read as both the atomic mass of iron and the coldest temperature on earth, or somesuch, suggesting a game called Cold Iron or the like. Interesting hype machine.
Posted 03:11am 18/11/10
That gun looks straight out of Mass Effect (as nerf pointed out)
Posted 03:36am 18/11/10
And iron makes steel. And steel is a word in “Shattered Steel”. And Shattered Steel is a 1996 BioWare game about battling mechs.

edit: its a stretch but a post apoc RPG where you run around ruins with a sniper rifle would f*****g own so I hope its true.
Posted 05:19am 18/11/10
Where did you get that information about what those bar code things mean Nerfington?
Posted 07:28am 18/11/10
Nothing would make me happier then a game like Jagged Alliance with mechs included.

We need more turn based squad tactical games.
Posted 11:38am 18/11/10
Just in the facebook news feed posts for bioware stuff Esoteric.
Posted 08:21pm 18/11/10
rumour atm is that its a multiplayer focused mass effect spin off.
Posted 08:23pm 18/11/10
f***k i hope those rumors are false. I really want another awesome RPG.
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