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Review: Yooka-Laylee is Unashamedly Banjo-Threeie
Post by Steve Farrelly @ 10:01am 17/11/10 | 11 Comments
Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood hits store-shelves this week, and today we have a full and in-depth review, breaking the game down to what's new here that we didn't already experience in the last two games, as well as what to expect with the all-new multiplayer.

For die-hard Assassin's Creed fans, you're going to grab this regardless, but don't go expecting anything with the depth in story or unravel as what you experienced in ACII, rather, expect a game that delivers a solid tangent to its predecessor with the brilliant addition of the multiplayer, which on its own jacked up the score to what we've rewarded the game.

Click here for the full review.

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Latest Comments
Posted 11:30am 17/11/10
I'll just have to kick back and wait for 2011 for PC. Nice review, sounds good and can't wait.
Posted 11:11pm 17/11/10
74.97 at BigW: Catalogue (click on Page 4).

Gonna get it price-matched tomorrow, sweet!
Posted 11:31pm 17/11/10
if you’ve played ACII, by and large, you’ve played this
That's got me a bit worried...
Posted 11:37pm 17/11/10
Bit disappointed that its not the next chapter in the story, I mean I loved the gameplay of AC2, but I loved the meta-story behind it too, with the pieces of eden and the ancient race of first ones and the end of the world stuff.

I'll prolly still get this, but I think I'll wait a bit, maybe pick it up cheap furthur down the line, cos the multiplayer doesn't appeal to me much.
Posted 11:57pm 17/11/10

Also nice work on the insightful review stevie boy. I watched a few video playthroughs of this and it certainly did look like more of the same as AC2 in terms of gameplay. Now knowing that it's not going to be an AC3 in terms of story progression is going to deter me from purchasing this earlier.
Posted 01:07am 18/11/10

Should people who don't give a toss about multiplayer avoid it?

last edited by Crakaveli at 01:07:08 18/Nov/10
Posted 10:01am 18/11/10
The multiplayer seems about the best concept this game can offer, seriously, it sounds f*****g awesome.
Posted 08:17pm 18/11/10
The SP isn't bad, feels more like a huge expansion to AC2, though.

Haven't played much multi yet.
Posted 07:37pm 21/11/10
Good review. Have not played MP yet but the rest is exactly what I have found. More or the same whic is nota bad thing!
Posted 12:46pm 29/11/10
I dont understand why a lot of people whine about games being to much of the same, but isn't this game supposed to be a continuation of the story behind 2, not AC3??

If it was the 3rd installment then fine id think it was stupid but its exactly what I want and Ubisoft seem to deliver, cant wait for PC release and to see what they are doing with AC3.
Posted 12:41am 24/3/11
It is titled AC brotherhood. So it's a continuity to AC2 more then AC1 obviously. So I don't understand why everyone is saying it's just same old same. It's not. It's a story arc furthering the current timeline we know in AC2. It's about Ezio's struggles within Roma and the ever deepening story of Eden.

The multiplayer is just absolutely awesome. Thrilling and adrenaline rushing is absolutely guaranteed.
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