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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 04:19pm 16/11/10 | 19 Comments
Anyone who thought the Wii would be the exclusive home for NBA Jam, can rest easy (or get upset, whichever) as the popular arcade classic, reinvented with modern rosters and teams, is bound for both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and while on Wii it's enormous fun, I can't wait to check it out in proper HD.

Moreover, it's not just a simple port, with loads of online functionality and multiplayer integration on offer, as is explained in today's launch trailer by one of the game's producers. There seems to be no multiplayer stone left unturned for a game of this nature, and for that, we're super-pumped (though obviously some Steam/PC love wouldn't go astray).

Watch it embedded below, or download it right here.

nba jamarcadexbox live arcadeplaystation networksteamnintendo wii

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Posted 04:30pm 16/11/10
I didn't see anything in that trailer about an XBLA release?
Posted 04:31pm 16/11/10
Ummmm pretty sure this is full retail only.
Posted 04:53pm 16/11/10
Your way with words causes my head to explode every time. Let me fix it for you again.

"Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 fans who thought NBA Jam would be exclusive to the Wii - can now rest easy. The popular arcade classic (reinvented with modern rosters and teams), is now bound for both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 this week. NBA Jam was originally featured on the Wii and was enormous fun, so we can only expect the good times to continue in full HD."

I must say it's pretty cool on Wii.

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Posted 05:02pm 16/11/10
yer its like 40$ from ozgameshop
Steve Farrelly
Posted 05:06pm 16/11/10
I have no idea where my idea about XBLA/PSN came from - I must still be delusional after being super sick yesterday - my bad guys, it's a full retail release, OP updated
Posted 06:05pm 16/11/10
cant wait to get it anyways. love the old one and the new one looks fun and pretty graphics.
Posted 06:26pm 16/11/10
Never was into basketball but this heaps of fun to play in arcades years ago.

Im sold.
Posted 08:41pm 16/11/10
if it's $40 at ozgameshop it'll be $2-3 cheaper from, same company, go figure
Posted 11:23pm 16/11/10
if it's $40 at ozgameshop it'll be $2-3 cheaper from, same company, go figure
Actually at 365 games it's going for 43.1879 AUD

At Ozgameshop it's priced at 41.99 AUD

I'll be getting this for sure! This, SSF4 and COD: BO will keep me occupied online for aaaaaaaages.

Add me to Xbox live peeps!
Posted 11:27pm 16/11/10
damn, there's a first time for everything, I always check both before ordering anything anyway

actually that reminds me, I found a new site today that compares prices for places that ship to AU,

though the cheapest it has it for is $44.51, doesn't seem to have 365games or ozgameshop

they did have dead rising 2 cheaper for what I had seen at either of those two though
Posted 11:51pm 16/11/10
Nice find!

This caught my eye though:

COD black ops for $1,378.95 from 'Fun Plant'.. wtf? a B52 bomber better come with it.
Posted 11:59pm 16/11/10
haha wtf
The GuVna
Posted 01:54am 17/11/10
but the shipping is free! :)
Posted 06:11am 17/11/10
watch out softmodders, sounds like this comes with an update for your wii!
Posted 12:48pm 17/11/10
watch out softmodders, sounds like this comes with an update for your wii!
It's system menu 4.3, which was on Metroid: Other M. You only need the IOS updates to run newer games. Boot the game from GeckoOS and it'll install them without the system menu update. Softmodders would want IOS58 for the improved USB2 support.

Hell, you can install 4.3 so long as you have Homebrew Channel 1.08, you'll just have to install Bootmii and any custom IOS again.

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Posted 12:43pm 17/11/10
ah ok, cool.

had been scratching around for more info on it.

Posted 08:13pm 17/11/10
Lying c*** on the end of that trailer....that s*** wasnt out today.....

Where the f*** is my boomshakalaka?

To the f*****s who had their fingers on the keys ready to mash their keyboard with "It came out in the states today maenz".....Do you think i dont know that you porridge faced c***?
Posted 11:55pm 17/11/10
Seriously does that embedded vid just have s***house sound or did the sound designers record everything for the game through a tin can (and a poor quality tin can at that)?

Still have a soft spot for NBA Jam but face it - the NBA Street games have been s***ting all over it for years. I'm intrigued as to whether EA having rights to NBA Jam would put another NBA Street game at risk...
Posted 11:56pm 17/11/10
Bags being Miami.
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