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Post by Dan @ 03:30pm 15/11/10 | 58 Comments
After a bunch of delays over the years, Sony and Polyphony Digital have once again dated their ridiculously anticipated PS3-exclusive racing sim for release. This time though, the date seems more confident and too immanent to possibly slip again.

Tthe game is now promised to be on shelves before Christmas and November 25 2010 is the date to look for it in Australian stores.
"Gran Turismo 5 is an ambitious project, with challenges and complexities which have made it our version of the Apollo Space Programme!" commented Kazunori Yamauchi, President of Polyphony Digital Inc. "When we created the original Gran Turismo back in 1997, we wanted to set a completely new precedent for the racing genre. With the technological leap onto PlayStation®3, our objective with GT5 was to create another great revolution which would not only satisfy our own high expectations, but would meet or even exceed the anticipation of the fans. Satisfying the loyal Gran Turismo followers is at the heart of all of our efforts, which is why it was such a difficult decision to delay the release of the game, and one which we did not take lightly. I can only apologise to everyone for making you wait so long, and I hope that when you try out the wealth of driving experiences available in Gran Turismo 5, you will not be disappointed."
Yet another trailer promoting the game has also been released, offering a cool little stop-motion animated short. Check that one out here, but note that the release date at the end of November 24 is for North America -- it will be November 25 for Australia.

gran turismo 5trailerrelease date
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Latest Comments
Posted 03:32pm 15/11/10
hopefully this is set in stone and wont be pushed back anymore.

I think this is going to be one of the most picked apart games when it comes to reviews.

When do you guys get a copy?
Posted 03:34pm 15/11/10
so 10 days? color me doubtful
Posted 03:39pm 15/11/10
they have a hell of a lot to live up to after all those delays
Posted 03:51pm 15/11/10
I know what i'm getting my dad for his birthday now.
Posted 03:54pm 15/11/10
It's going to be eye candy with s*** physics anyway
Posted 03:59pm 15/11/10
FORZA 3 > *

As for eye candy, ya mum > *
Posted 04:06pm 15/11/10
if it has the physics of forza 3 it will rape forza sideways with a mini van
Posted 04:19pm 15/11/10
its being pressed and shipped... no doubt now. did you not see the cool pressing animation in the other thread :P
Posted 04:22pm 15/11/10
with challenges and complexities which have made it our version of the Apollo Space Programme!"

Give me a f*****g break. What a stupid comment.
Posted 04:51pm 15/11/10
Forza is s***.

On a serious note, i saw a few video's of the damage modelling in GT5 and damn it's terrible. They might as well have just left it out again.

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Posted 04:57pm 15/11/10
forza takes a while to get the hang of, then its alright

im more into nfs style - put ur foot to the floor and skid at insane speeds around a corner. whereas forza if you did the same thing you would spin out and smash your car up.
Posted 05:17pm 15/11/10
I bet there was a big board meeting and they canned a heap of s*** that was meant to go in the game.
Posted 06:40pm 15/11/10
put ur foot to the floor and skid at insane speeds around a corner.

lol. wonder why NFS lovers cant drive for s*** IRL

learn patience and car control in a proper sim that punishes poor driving, this will help you in the real world

last edited by scooby at 18:40:17 15/Nov/10
Posted 06:58pm 15/11/10
I bet there was a big board meeting and they canned a heap of s*** that was meant to go in the game.

Just 1 track and no cars now :(
Posted 06:59pm 15/11/10
heh, gran turismo.
Posted 07:49pm 15/11/10
Just 1 track and no cars now :(

Just You, Nurburg and a pushbike.
Posted 07:50pm 15/11/10
god dammit they better release this game on the 25th or im gonna fly to japan and burn those motherf*****s down
Posted 11:26pm 15/11/10
Careful supreme, there is a guy in England facing some serious gaol time for saying something just as off the cuff in twitter...
Posted 09:05am 16/11/10
Hey hermi the 1800s called, they want their spelling back!
Posted 10:13am 16/11/10
It's gaol, any teacher that tells you otherwise needs a falcon punch
Posted 10:33am 16/11/10
Give it up already! Gaol is obsolete even in Australia, move with the times!

From the Wiktionary discussion page on gaol:
More on Australian usage - the recent release of a prominent prisoner (Adler) who spent time in a number of institutions gives an opportunity to study how current Australian spelling works. A Sydney Morning Herald article discussing his release (14/10/2007) refers to "jail" but the institution as a prison (St Heliers minimum security prison ). Another article referred to it by name as a "Correctional Centre" although generically as "jail". Other institutions he served at were "Kirkconnell facility, near Bathurst"and "the higher security Bathurst Correctional Centre" , but generically these are still reported as prison or jail.[2]. Accordingly I am inclined to agree with Ptcamm that the use of the word gaol is restricted apparently to older or historical institutions but I don't know if there are any institutions named as being a "jail".
Posted 04:48pm 16/11/10
surely they have better things to do than chase people down talking s*** on the internet?
Posted 05:42pm 16/11/10
Exactly, the gaol's are already overcrowded as it is.
Posted 07:22pm 16/11/10
back on topic, this guy has waay to much time on his hands. very impressive c***pit !***pit-g25-27792/

Hope GT5 delivers awesome sound effects.
Posted 01:42am 17/11/10
haha, I guess he didn't leave any room in the budget for a better f*****g TV.
Posted 05:55am 17/11/10
Uh, I think you're looking at the before photo, rather than the after...
Posted 07:05pm 18/11/10
I saw an advert from JB hi-fi and their offering AU$79 - that's ( AU$20 off already ) for basic GranTurismo 5.

Maybe best to call them because it cannot be accessed thru their website.. only Collector's and Signature Series are there.

Available at midnight the 25th.
Posted 07:20pm 18/11/10
back on topic, this guy has waay to much time on his hands. very impressive c***pit !***pit-g25-27792/

Hope GT5 delivers awesome sound effects.

Actually, been meaning to post this for a while:

My new setup:

last edited by HERMITech at 19:20:44 18/Nov/10
Posted 08:38pm 18/11/10
Nice setup you have there. =)
Posted 09:33pm 18/11/10
bet your missus loves that
Posted 11:25pm 18/11/10
for ultimate speed.
holes drilled in desk with m6 bolts to stop it pulling away
Posted 07:50pm 23/11/10
so um this hasnt been delayed again yet?

does this mean that its actually going to come out this week? really? i dont think i can believe it untill i see it in the store for myself
Posted 07:55pm 23/11/10
i rang JB hifi today and confirmed I'd be able to pick mine up on thursday
Posted 08:28pm 23/11/10
Good Morning GT Academy Competitor,

I hope you are excited about the launch of Gran Turismo 5 next week and receiving your copy of the Collector's Edition.

As restrictions are in place regarding the release of the game, we are unable to deliver the game before the 25th November. But you should receive the game either on the 25th or shortly afterwards.

If you have any other questions please let me know.

Best regards,

Gary Russell
Sony Computer Entertainment Australia Pty Limited.
Posted 11:19pm 24/11/10
I've got a Copy of the Std edition in the Loungeroom...

I found David Jones and BigW locally had it on shelf @ 4:45-5pm today (Woden, ACT)

Got it @ $77.84 from BigW
Posted 01:06am 25/11/10
for ultimate speed.
holes drilled in desk with m6 bolts to stop it pulling away
Id wash your hands after using that thing if I was you.
Posted 01:48am 25/11/10
Just so we're clear, I spent ages with my G25 hooked up to an ironing board that I could keep my foot on to stabilise.
Yeah, f*** that again

Seriously, if you like your games (flight games, racing, etc), save your coin an drop it on some decent peripherals that ENHANCE the experience.

PS: I don't own a console so no GT5 for me :(
Posted 10:37am 25/11/10

Posted 10:41am 25/11/10
Ohhhhh that's a pretty package. How $$?

Double Cool
Posted 10:50am 25/11/10

comes with scale model merc, wallet, keychain, usb key, gt5 disc obviously and the book + some extra DLC
also im probably going to win a real mercedes, so stay tuned for that

edit: this is the video from the USB key (400+MB and only 3 minutes long)

last edited by teq at 10:50:16 25/Nov/10
Posted 01:04pm 25/11/10
Hmm from what I have seen it's more or less the same. AI still looks like a letdown unfortunately. I still don't understand how with all the improvements in computing the AI is still significantly worse than a game released 9 years ago (GP4).

Anyway, online should be a hoot.
Posted 01:16pm 25/11/10
anyone bought it and had a crack yet?

the damage looks pretty s***** in the videos i have seen, hows it go?

handling/ physics look a bit off aswell, how does it compare to forza or something?
Posted 01:48pm 25/11/10

anyone bought it and had a crack yet?

the damage looks pretty s***** in the videos i have seen, hows it go?

handling/ physics look a bit off aswell, how does it compare to forza or something?

Hey, yea picked it up yesterday.

Licencing isn't an immediate requirement, tho I decided to knock over the bulk of the B licence yesterday, nothing new there.

I am most impressed with the refinements to the driving model, it's quite improved over GT4, however it still feels a little removed (y'know, like you can't just spin the car out with a heavy foot) that being said, I'm still putting around in largely unmodified street cars (lil 4 bangers etc).

Thus far: it's prettier that Forza 3.
everything else... it's similar, again, I've not hit enough of the tracks to comment yet, but I actually really enjoyed the cariance in the tracks in Forza 3 (that drift/mountain track is AWESOME in F3)

Top Gear test track is awesome, however the first time I hit it (in the challenges you've gotta race in a VW Kombi, vs VW Kombi's) it was PAINFUL.
Posted 02:05pm 25/11/10
1000 cars, but only 200 are modeled correctly with interior car views?

Posted 02:07pm 25/11/10
yeah only 200, like that aint no thang'
Posted 02:07pm 25/11/10
Didn't this game take 6 years to make or something?
Posted 02:09pm 25/11/10
who cares how long it took to make
they're charging $99 for it, get some realistic expectations
Posted 02:13pm 25/11/10
F*** GT5. The big playstation3 release today is Sing Star: The Wiggles.

Tried several stores yesterday and none would break street date for me. My local jbhifi got in only 9 copies. At $29 these won't last long so get in fast


Posted 02:12pm 25/11/10
Realistic expectations like the 400 fully modeled cars that were in forza 3 which I paid $50 for?

To be honest I don't really wanna turn this into a forza 3 vs. gt5 thread, but the only way gt5 could possibly better is if it had a superior physics engine which I highly doubt. Personally I find it really s*** though that 200 cars look awesome, and the other 800 look straight out of the ps2 era (as reviews suggest)
Posted 02:54pm 25/11/10
I lol @ the Froza community who are all liek 'lol only 200 interior models'

my first response is, "which view do you use again?"
Posted 02:57pm 25/11/10
I use the interior models except on some of the R1 cars that only have tiny peepholes.
Posted 06:54pm 25/11/10
Interior view isn't really realistic anyway since the wheel you are physically using etc is your c***pit, so if anything the view you should be driving with should be more or less on the windscreen. Then again we don't have 360 deg of screens :(

also, lol.

last edited by Ospi at 18:54:23 25/Nov/10

last edited by Ospi at 18:54:59 25/Nov/10
Posted 06:53pm 25/11/10
^ that car model is a joke.

I use a controller so the double wheel thing isn't a problem for me.
Posted 07:00pm 25/11/10
I've got my car racing needs covered, been playing the new Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit on 360 and its made of awesome.
Posted 07:04pm 25/11/10
Eww, Hot Pursuit is terribad lol. Anyway, ozgameshop said they sent GT5 a couple of days ago, hoping I will have it tomorrow.
Posted 07:05pm 25/11/10
sweet boxshot of teq in the second photo
Posted 07:06pm 25/11/10
If by terribad you mean awesome, then yes, I agree.
Posted 07:10pm 25/11/10
also, not that it is in any way a racing sim, but hot pursuit has received universally good reviews so dunno where you're pulling terribad from
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