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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 05:25pm 04/11/10 | 5 Comments
While we didn't get the early morning break certain other 'bigger' sites did (great write-up though Chippa ;), AusGamers is now allowed to let loose our single-player hands-on preview for THQ and Kaos Studios' Homefront.

We checked the game out on Xbox 360 as the guys are still being hush, hush about the PC version (I think they're going to have some cool surprises for the PC community), but either way, what we played was very, very impressive - both from a gameplay point-of-view and a narrative point-of-view; the two of which coalesce to form a solidly-paced action first-person shooter.

Click here for the full preview.

homefronthands-onpreviewthqkaos studiossingle-player
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Latest Comments
Posted 05:42pm 04/11/10
Good to hear that it's still shaping up well. Have they given any indications as to the campaigns length yet? With the amount of effort they've seemingly gone to in crafting the back story I'm really hoping this one bucks the recent trend of 5 hour singleplayer modes. From memory Frontlines was only about 6. Kind of sucks that par for the course has been lowered so much by other franchises popularised by their multiplayer modes.

At any rate, looks cool.
Posted 06:25pm 04/11/10
Great preview it's got me pumped you sure your not on their payroll Steve?
I love a game with a great story because I love reading books, I wonder if they'll do sequels or prequels like OFP did seeing the war from different sides of the story.
Posted 01:50am 05/11/10
Nice preview, looks to be coming together well.
Posted 11:04am 10/11/10
Far put this game should be ok!
Posted 12:38pm 10/11/10
Looks interesting.
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