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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 09:38am 04/11/10 | 7 Comments
Facebook haters will love this, especially if they're core gamer lovers, or lovers of BioWare games.

Turns out EA, BioWare and Facebook have penned a deal that will see a strategy RPG gaming app on the social networking site called Dragon Age Legends that will showcase the Free Marches, Dragon Age 2's setting, and will offer a "deep and sophisticated experience" as explained by EA 2D general manager Mark Spenner. "We will continue to delight gamers by adding new features and content far into the future," he said.

You'll also unlock new goodies in Dragon Age 2 just by playing Legends, but hopefully it's not as empty as what was offered with Mass Effect 2 and its iPhone game. You can sign up for the game's beta by clicking here.

Click here for a direct link to more screens, or hit the thumbnails below.

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Latest Comments
Posted 03:32pm 04/11/10
Woo. Way to completely detract from the mood and essence of a great franchise. GG.
Posted 03:36pm 04/11/10
Cool, way to completly add extra features and open the essence of a great franchise to a wider audience.

I'll be away from the internet (and probably phone reception for the most part...) for the next 3 weeks, other wise I would give this Beta a go!
Posted 03:40pm 04/11/10
Facebook haters will love this, especially if they're core gamer lovers, or lovers of BioWare games.

Why in the f*** would i love a facebook game if i hate facebook.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 04:02pm 04/11/10
I was being sarcastic
Posted 04:26pm 04/11/10
I felt it was obvious.

Looks interesting, will wait for non-beta though.
Posted 04:53pm 04/11/10
Well i'll be.
Posted 07:50pm 04/11/10
If my gf can't get me into facebook, EA aint even going to come close.

Tis a shame, really liked DA :(
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