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Post by Dan @ 04:55pm 03/11/10 | 11 Comments
A couple of weeks ago, 2K Games and Gearbox Software brought the infamous Duke Nukem Forever playable demo to Australian shores. At a public event at Brisbane's Mana Bar, Aussie gamers we offered the same opportunity as the attendee's of Septmber's PAX Prime expo in Seattle -- to actually play the game that has been cooking for 14 long years.

AusGamers were there of course and you may have already read our interview with Gearbox Software's Randy Pitchford and Steve Gibson. So this is a little belated, however since there's been an absolute void of the traditional trailers and screenshots from the game since it's latest resurrection (that one still of Duke with the hogs head is still all that we have), we wanted to share our own impressions for those that didn't get the chance to check it out themselves.

Read on for our first-look hands-on with the elusive Duke Nukem Forever

duke nukem forevermana barhands onpreview
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Latest Comments
Steve Farrelly
Posted 05:20pm 03/11/10
good impressions Dan, and a better focus on what makes Duke Duke, something a lot of other previews are glossing over...
Posted 05:50pm 03/11/10
Good read dan..

second last paragraph first line.. "What have seen and played of Duke Nukem Forever"..

Should it be - ""What I have seen and played of Duke Nukem Forever"..

Posted 05:52pm 03/11/10
Good review; I agree (having not even played it) it sounds like how I thought it would be by now.

Some examples from the demo are pissing in a urinal; grabbing faeces from a toilet, walking around with it in hand and throwing it at people

I can just imagine the 3DR bug tracker...
* BUG: Critical! Can't pickup poop from the toilet
* BUG: Have not finished building the first in-game map
Posted 06:14pm 03/11/10
Dan I bet you never actually thought you could ever type the words

Duke Nukem Forever Hands On Preview

Without thinking about unicorns
Posted 06:26pm 03/11/10
Heh, pretty much. I was among those that had basically accepted that it was never going to happen the moment the announcement of 3D Realms shutting down came about. Just concluded that even if another studio wanted to take it on that it would just be too tangled in legal limbo to be possible. So the planets have all really aligned for it with the Gearbox deal, let's just hope it was worth it.
Posted 04:11am 04/11/10
Still bracing myself for one huge, epically orchestrated April Fools joke... :P
Posted 08:33am 04/11/10
That would be awesome, make the release date April 1st so everyone would be suss on it. Then actually release it for real and people will be saying, OMG it is released! and others would be sayings, 'lol bulls*** april fools derr'
Posted 12:11pm 04/11/10
^ Yeah I don't think causing doubt and confusion is going to help sales on release day too much.
Posted 12:22pm 04/11/10
Will the special edition ship with free gum? coz I'm all out...

(marketing genius right there)
Posted 01:26pm 04/11/10
Will the special edition ship with free gum? coz I'm all out...

(marketing genius right there)
marketing genius would be an EMPTY gum packet!
Posted 01:37pm 04/11/10
True.. Didn't think how ANGRY that would make me feel.
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