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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 08:42am 03/11/10 | 58 Comments
Eurogamer reports they've heard from "industry sources" that there's "not too much hope" Gran Turismo 5 will ship this year, despite Sony's insistence on the game coming "before Christmas", or the fact its most recent 'official' release date had the game hitting store shelves today.

Given the amount of delays for the title already, and Polyphony Digital head, Kazunori Yamauchi's insistence on perfectionism, these claims are probably true and it's most likely we won't be seeing the game until sometime next year.

Does Gearbox need to come in and save this one too?

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Posted 08:45am 03/11/10
pro thread, would read again
Reverend Evil
Posted 08:52am 03/11/10
I wouldn't

Posted 09:15am 03/11/10
Steve Farrelly
Posted 09:52am 03/11/10
dunno what happened there, but all fixed now
Posted 10:06am 03/11/10
The way things are going, DNF will be out before this game.
Posted 10:11am 03/11/10
yeah I've canceled my ($300 collectors pack) pre-order
I'm going to acquire this game as cheaply as possible just for the f*** around
Posted 10:14am 03/11/10
so does anyone that bought a logi g27 wheel for gt5 wanna sell it now? ;)
local shops all seem sold out n they rekn it''s due to gt5
Posted 10:17am 03/11/10
you might as well just order one from the cheapest place on the internets
it's not like it will arrive after gt5
Posted 10:26am 03/11/10
i don't want it for gt5 tho... i want it to play dirt2 n later dirt3
but yeh, you are prolly right that i should just order one
Posted 10:55am 03/11/10
release date 2015
Posted 10:57am 03/11/10
waiting for GT5 prologue2
Posted 11:11am 03/11/10
lol. what can i say about gt5 that hasn't already ....

ah well this will give me more time with f1 2010 .... and maybe f1 2011 :o
Posted 11:16am 03/11/10
The question isn't whether Gearbox needs to save GT 5. The question should be does Gearbox need to step in to save Diablo 3? I know Blizzard have never set a release date or even suggested which year it will be released, but it's been in development for a LOOOONG time. If any title's got a chance of threatening Duke's laughable history, it's currently Diablo 3.
Tim Tibbetts
Posted 11:55am 03/11/10
You're an ass hat for comparing Diablo 3 to DNF.
Tim Tibbetts
Posted 12:00pm 03/11/10
Steve, apparently the game has just gone gold
Steve Farrelly
Posted 12:06pm 03/11/10
well there you go ;)
Posted 12:11pm 03/11/10
haha this is gold

Reverend Evil
Posted 12:23pm 03/11/10

That's awesome
Posted 12:32pm 03/11/10
If the developer is reluctant to launch and the publisher has leaned on them to get it out the door before xmas, the question is: are there any souls brave enough to buy it before the upcoming mega patch?
Posted 12:36pm 03/11/10
Its funny that people rip on companys like EA for releasing s*** sequels every year without much testing or effort put in, then when a company spends the time to make the game as good as it can be, everyone rages because it should be out earlier.
Posted 12:39pm 03/11/10
Posted 12:56pm 03/11/10
Viper, it's cause people are asshats and most gamers don't understand s*** about development cycles, schedules or QA.
Posted 12:56pm 03/11/10
Sorry Tim. Didn't know what I was thinking. I mean, DNF has been in development for what is it, 12 years? While Diablo 3 has only been in devlopment for TEN YEARS. What on earth was I thinking in comparing the two? Guess I'll have to wait 2 years before calling you something derogatory.

PS Many thanks for your charming ass-hat response to my first ever Ausgamers posting. I can just feel the love in the room.
Posted 01:20pm 03/11/10
DNF hasn't actually been in "development" for 12 years I mean its gone through like 3 engine changes and its been picked up and put down multiple times.

Posted 01:42pm 03/11/10
you got some sort of source for diablo 3 being in development for 10 years?

i know it was released in 1999 but i'd put a small wager they didn't start working on diablo 3 STRAIGHT AWAY or even close to the release of diablo 2
Posted 01:42pm 03/11/10
Diablo 3 hasn't been in development for that long either. I doubt it has been more then 3 years. You think they just dropped everything and started making D3 once as they released D2?

Not to mention all the evidence that it will soon be released AND the fact the company has some of the biggest incomes for current games. How is this anything like DNF? There is nothing similar about the 2 projects other then how long ago the last versions were.

Posted 01:44pm 03/11/10
I think most of us are well-aquainted with DNF, a game begun by a company that installed a very expensive but pretty floor in their lobby and then hired many employees who came to work each week for 12 or so years, working exclsuively on ONE game, which still hasn't been released.

Yes, there's a line between ironing out the bugs and making a good game by not releasing too early, and then there's the DNF approach where trying to continually insist on the very best game imaginable in every aspect means it may conceivably never be finished.

So, what is a reasonable amount of years for a game to be in development before the employees get bored and wander off, or the lawyers have to be called in? Five, eight, 12 years?

I waited many years for Starcraft 2, and although the graphis are excellent, the game is somehow underwhelming for me. I haven't even completed the single player portion yet for lack of motivation. The just released Medal of Honor - underwhelming. What IS a reasonable expectation for quality vs development timeframe in a modern game?
Posted 01:55pm 03/11/10
I don't care how long it takes. As long as they don't make out it won't take that long. Closed developement until they are sure of a deadline etc
Posted 02:04pm 03/11/10
I haven't even completed the single player portion yet for lack of motivation.
You're a minority there, the game is complex and rich. Your fault for expecting too much. It's already far stronger than its predessor with a compelling storyline with promise of constant updates and more story not far from now.

I can't believe how f*****g retarded you are for expecting things like Diablo 3 when it hasn't been announced. For expecting and watiting for Starcraft 2 despite nothing but an assumption that they'll make another sequal.

You're just a teenage troll trying to underwhelm people with s*** posts about your flamboyant expectations and no explanation of what those are. When you cry in your mummies bosom do you complain to her that they're not as perky as they should be and you can't wait for mummy 2 to come out?
Tim Tibbetts
Posted 02:27pm 03/11/10
Diablo 3 hasn't beeen in development for 10 years. Just because it's been 10 years since D2 and D3 means jack s***.

Also the difference between D3 and DNF is that D3 was shown only a few years ago and there haven't been any sweeping changes in the game design and/or graphic engine being used. They basically started from stratch several times with DNF, they haven't, as far as we've seen, with D3. Each time it's shown it's bigger and better.

In regards your comments about SC2, well you're welcome to them of course, but I've been playing SC2 since it's release and I'm stil playing it.
Posted 02:32pm 03/11/10
Getting a bit off topic ....
Posted 02:34pm 03/11/10
Tim Tibbetts
Posted 03:08pm 03/11/10

Talking about SC2 are we playing tonight Hogs?
Posted 03:49pm 03/11/10
Barring world war 3, of course we are!
Posted 04:24pm 03/11/10
sucks if u pre-purchased
Posted 05:29pm 03/11/10
this is great for a monthly pick-me-up... reading a thread about gt5 not coming out and all the replies
Posted 11:13pm 03/11/10
So is DNF short for did not finish or duke nukem forever because I fail to see the difference :)

GT5 does look amazing but will it make it to Aus for Xmas... not bloody likely.
Posted 11:48pm 03/11/10
black mesa delays are 10x worse, if that gets released in the next 3-4 years ill be suprised.
Posted 01:38am 05/11/10
Just in from Sony - Nov. 30, 2010 - you can say that's official.. reads on website ( on or about ) 11/30/2010.
Posted 11:05am 05/11/10
is nov 30th when they're going to tell us the actual delayed release date again?
Posted 03:38pm 05/11/10
Just in from Sony - Nov. 30, 2010 - you can say that's official.. reads on website ( on or about ) 11/30/2010.


Google knows nothing of this.
Posted 03:58pm 05/11/10
Disc has gone gold, i read it somewhere last night, cbf finding link again.
Posted 04:17pm 05/11/10
It's on Sony's online store for US. Link.

And yes the game has gone gold, Kazunori Yamauchi at SEMA said a few days ago that the game is being stamped at the time of the interview.
Posted 04:33pm 05/11/10
And yes the game has gone gold, Kazunori Yamauchi at SEMA said a few days ago that the game is being stamped at the time of the interview.

Thx for the repeat, but yea that's known.

I'm still not sure how much weight I put in someone talking about a release date at all anymore :\

Til it appears it's that akward anticipation vs trying to prepare for yet another delay.
Of course, some companies are much, much worse for delays than others... but yea, I'm just going to hold on and hope that Christmas 2010 involves me trying to whip the Stig around the TG TT.
Posted 04:42pm 05/11/10
You're welcome..
Posted 05:47am 09/11/10
Confirmed and official -- Nov. 27 for U.S. and Nov. 30 for Italy ( most probably Europe ).
Posted 08:16am 09/11/10

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Posted 08:07am 09/11/10
needs way more cars, car list is pretty pathetic.

this game is going to be very dissapointing
Posted 09:46am 09/11/10
isnt it over 1000 cars?
Posted 11:46am 09/11/10
I think he was being carcastic. SWIDT?!
Posted 07:42pm 09/11/10
Just on the Diablo 3 issue and all the people calling woz an idiot
Development on Diablo III began in 2001 when Blizzard North was still in operation. The original artistic design differed from that shown at Blizzard Worldwide Invitational 2008 demonstration, and had undergone three revisions before reaching the standards felt necessary by the team behind Diablo III. The development teams are composed of fifty people. Most of the game mechanics and physics are complete, and are undergoing minor revisions. Most of the current and remaining development will focus on adding game content

from wikipedia, the source being this article.

How about YOU get the facts before calling other people idiots.
Posted 08:08pm 09/11/10
Erm, wrong thread?
Posted 09:10pm 09/11/10
i re-pre-ordered it after cancelling in disgust at the last round of release date shuffling
saved $40!
Posted 04:57pm 10/11/10
If you're a real fanatic of GT5 it's already available at this website.. but at an inflated price --- ( )
Posted 04:58pm 10/11/10
$64 from ozgameshop sounds much better than 120 from ebgames.

Wish they would just give a date to when it will be released.
Posted 05:34pm 10/11/10
Just on the Diablo 3 issue and all the people calling woz an idiot


How about YOU get the facts before calling other people idiots.

Diablo III may have been worked on since the f*****g dawn of time but it was announced by Blizzard in Paris in June 2008, so he's been 'waiting' for two years.

StarCraft II was announced in Korea in 2007.

last edited by Hogfather at 17:34:08 10/Nov/10
Posted 07:33am 11/11/10
Posted 05:54am 13/11/10
This is the definitive release date - ( Nov.24th - U.S.A. ) most probably here in Australia-wide ( around 25th-26th ) official - ( )

So that's it. At least more earlier than expected Nov.30th.
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