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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 08:37am 02/11/10 | 19 Comments
A new update for the Xbox Live service, released worldwide today, has changed everyone's Dashboard experience as but one part of a laundry list of changes. Chief among everything though, is a new facelift for Xbox Live, which appears to go for a more mature, accessible set-up, though I would argue it's not as good as the previous presentation. The blade system has been somewhat replaced, while the rest of the Dashboard now just looks and feels sterile.

The new update has been implemented as part of the massive roll-out Microsoft are doing in preparation for Kinect's launch, and it's easy to see they're expecting to bring on board a lot of non-traditional gamer types.

Let us know what you think of the new update.

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Latest Comments
Posted 08:54am 02/11/10
Hasn't changed much much in terms of layout more of a graphics and menu overhaul does look alot sharper though, your spot on about about MS getting it Kinect friendly, when i turned it on after the update it felt like a Wii tutorial... I don't need little cartoon characters telling me how to use my Xbox GRRRR
Posted 09:10am 02/11/10
I dont know if i like it yet, it looks less hardcore based and more casual. Also did anyone else notice the avatars are taller?
The GuVna
Posted 10:05am 02/11/10
It looks a bit bland, but the best thing about the update is the extended "New Game Add-Ons" scroller, so you can check out more recent released content without individual Rock Band songs taking up all the slots.
Posted 11:05am 02/11/10
they from crap to s***, i like the original better.
Posted 11:32am 02/11/10
I think it's rubbish. I don't like how the horizontal items are on the same plane. It was better previously.
Posted 12:32pm 02/11/10
It feels plain, static and one dimensional.

I don't like it.
Posted 01:23pm 02/11/10
Set it up last night. Seems to load faster, get in and out of things like the video library quicker.
I dont know if i like it yet, it looks less hardcore based and more casual. Also did anyone else notice the avatars are taller?

Yeah the avatars are taller so Kinect can use your avatar better when you play on it apparently. Though it does make it hard to make a avatar that doesn't look like Kate Moss on a diet when she was back in her skinny days. You need another slider for muscle mass rather than just height and how fat they are.
Posted 02:02pm 02/11/10
I don't like it.

A few reasons, one of which is it was so much like the feel of a Wii tutorial.

The size of the slides is off putting! They are now bigger then the previous slides which were bad enough... I would not have payed 240MS points for a premium theme if I new I would be seeing even less of it down the track.

The final reason is this Kinect bulls*** in general. It's like an unofficial 'f*** you' to their core market. I want nothing to do with Kinect, yet I'm now surrounded by it. Force fed much? Dashboard overhauls should be optional!

My love affair with Xbox would be over right now assuming I had the money for a PS3.
Posted 04:05pm 02/11/10
Apart from the fact the cosmetics have gone its fine. We are gamers people stop QQing about your main screen and get to the killin.... or building... whatever your into.
Posted 06:22pm 02/11/10
I agree with Esotericthief. They're heaps bigger and on one plane. Scrolling rapidly left or right induces headaches because you can't see the slides coming toward you like the previous dashboard.
Posted 06:44pm 02/11/10
Have they made it so when you first start the xbox it defaults to "My Xbox" instead of that stupid what's hot section? I'd much prefer it to start up on the My Xbox section all the time, which it only does if you start up in offline mode.
Posted 07:48pm 02/11/10
There's a feature to disable it I think. Even on the old dashboard.
Posted 03:25pm 03/11/10
It's like changing your pc's theme back to the win 2k skin.
It's bland, boring and takes up more screen real estate.
The menu selections appear 2d rather then the old slight bubble effect, every menu item you select is just coloured green rather then the effect of the previous skin.

White is not the easiest colour on the eyes, especially if I you have your displays brightness up high.

No sir, I don't like it, but meh.

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to choose what dashboard theme you wanted, it'd be nice to be able to go way back to the original, and oh so nice it would be to get rid of the freakin Mii
Posted 09:07pm 03/11/10
Its a bit bland...still the same functionality wise
Posted 09:17pm 03/11/10
I don't like it, nor does my partner or the two kids that can talk..
Posted 09:19pm 03/11/10
I haven't updated my 360 yet, but I find the PS3 XMB to be much, much better to use than any UI the 360 has had.
Posted 11:19pm 03/11/10
Not liking the new UI here either.
Posted 12:09am 04/11/10
I'm finding the interface is a lot snappier. Seems to be much quicker at bringing up lists of videos in folders, etc.
Posted 12:31pm 04/11/10
yeah im finding the ui to be faster, personally i donte care what it looks like, i just want speed when i go todo s***.
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