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Post by trog @ 05:23pm 29/10/10 | 10 Comments
A standalone patch for Battlefield Bad Company 2 has been released, updating DICE's shooter to "R9". A snippet from the changelog:
- All Weapons Bronze Insignia requiring an unobtainable bronze star for the tracer dart – requirement removed.
- Improved Hit registration made through several fixes and some of the hitboxes themselves have been changed. This will increase the accuracy of guns.
- Blue box chat window removed
- The 2 second immunity when spawning/being revived will now be immediately removed either by firing, zooming, or any movement (move, crouch, jump). A Spawning Player can still orient passively in the Game World..
- 3D vision fixed.
- Fixed slug shotgun zoom crosshair on PC so they better represent the long range accuracy. Crosshairs now close more on PC, similar to consoles.
- Reduced slug shotgun hip accuracy to require zooming for consistent long range accuracy. Hip accuracy is now on par with the semi automatic weapons.
- Fixed a bug on PC where the G3 would do less damage than intended.
The full list of changes is available on the download page for the ~900mb update, which should work from any previous version of the game.

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Latest Comments
Posted 06:56pm 29/10/10
Cool, My Steam copy auto-updated.
Posted 09:49pm 29/10/10
6:46 PM - d0_op: change made 'Gustav now has blast yield and radius of nuclear warhead'
6:47 PM - iJebus: 'to balance the game, all weapons except gustav have been removed'
6:47 PM - d0_op: i have a fever and the only known prescription is more gustav
B. Bobby Boulders
Posted 10:45pm 29/10/10
Dammit, Just when I thought it was good that they finally release a patch you can download separately and not use their s***** auto-updater, I get a CRC error in the .exe/rar after downloading it for 4 1/2hrs :(
Posted 11:08pm 29/10/10
Meanwhile I had no idea that BC2 had hax. This turd "kano69" was raping everyone from across the map tonight so I google him and sure enough there's the idiot with the same nickname on a BC2 hackers forum. Is there anyway to report the user and get them perma-banned from online play or something?
Posted 01:13am 30/10/10
oh that sux B bobby, luckily you have a cool name
Posted 07:17am 30/10/10
Thank you very much for this, you can't find patch notes anywhere else -_- luckily I visit this site all the time aye :D
Posted 07:28am 30/10/10
RockitMan - Not too sure. Try pbbans.com? or punksbusted.com?
Trust me, I know where you're coming from too. I've came across 2 hackers. One of them with an SVU running around and no-scoping everybody in the face. Not fun. Espesh when he switch to the LMGs.
Posted 12:34pm 30/10/10
Still no new maps? meh
Posted 02:03pm 30/10/10

So I've been trying to play but all I get is an error message saying my game is corrupt, so I remove it and then head off to the EADM to download it again but I can't login. So I reset my password and can login to the EA support site but EADM still doesn't accept the login. I send an email to EA and they reply pretty quickly with some suggestions of ... reinstalling the EADM which of course doesn't work since it's not a problem with the program, its some stupid arse hat system at their end.

Fast forward 2 days and the latest email is about manually uninstalling the EADM. F*** THEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEM.
Posted 07:56pm 01/11/10
TicMan - can you just register your key with Steam and use that instead? I tried 2142 with EADM.. wasn't very impressed with it. The Steam version is a piece of piss to backup too - which in this situation you'd find very handy.

thanks for the link on kano69 Rockitman.

*edit* hmm.. GA = Adsa = PB-instaban. He's no one's problem anymore ;)

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