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Post by Eorl @ 10:18am 29/10/10 | 16 Comments
Blizzard has released a official statement on their World of Warcraft community website, stating that pre-purchasing for the digital copy of the expansion is live and ready.
The Cataclysm looms near, and you can be ready to play the minute the servers go live by pre-purchasing the expansion digitally on Battle.net now. Simply complete the digital pre-sale process on Battle.net, and your account will be flagged for automatic access to Cataclysm when it launches at 12:01 a.m. PST (7:01 p.m. AEDT) on December 7.
Downloading of files will commence once you purchase the copy, and you are required to login at least once to flag your account properly, and begin the download either by playing and having it in the background, or just leaving the initial launcher up.

More details and a Q&A from Blizzard can be found in this press release.

The end is soon!

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Latest Comments
Posted 11:07am 29/10/10
It's also currently priced at $39.99 USD if you get it that way.

Its $58 AUD for a box from one of the local stores. Shall we start taking bets only how quickly that gets fixed?

Not that it really matters for me, I'm getting the collectors because I'm a sucker for that sort of thing.
Posted 11:09am 29/10/10
I just bought a copy now, but servers are down at the moment haha. I presume with the amount of people opting for digital, it's crashed login servers.
Posted 11:10am 29/10/10
nah that's them fixing the price cause i'm ruining it for australians
Posted 12:38pm 29/10/10
So this goes live on midnight on December 7th PST, but it comes out in Australia on December 7th as well, so that means we get it before the US does? Does it mean we have to wait for servers to come up before we can play our bought copies?
Posted 12:48pm 29/10/10
Khel: Don't think so, by the looks it seems to me that Blizzard's Aus PR just inserted that little timezone conversion a little ambiguously. That 7:01pm Sydney time conversion lines up with the midnight PST launch, so it looks like it will actually be December 8th here in Australia.
Posted 01:34pm 29/10/10
Apparently the Goons figured out that if you open up Launcher.WTF and set your accountType from "LK" to "CT" and then do the same in config.wtf, you can begin the digital download without having pre-purchased the digital distribution (Good for those of us who have already pre-ordered copies). Apparently there will be a final small patch ion release day, but this will save you from having to patch that much on launch when the servers are getting seriously hammered.
Posted 01:56pm 29/10/10
Oh wicked, thats nice for others
Posted 02:55pm 29/10/10
Just picked this up. $43 bucks isn't too bad.
Posted 11:39am 01/11/10
(7:01 p.m. AEDT) on December 7. Don't forget Daylight Savings Time, so probably 8:01PM AEDST
Posted 11:43am 01/11/10
AEDT is daylight savings time (+11 UTC)
AEST is non daylight savings time (+10 UTC).
Posted 02:33pm 01/11/10
Dan: The EB Games people are adamant that their release night is midnight on the 6th/7th, not on the 7th/8th.

i.e. They'll start selling it before the servers are switched on for Cata.

I'm betting the servers will go live at 6 or 7pm AEST time on the 7th and by then people that went to the Australian midnight release will all have their copies installed and ready to go.
Posted 03:57pm 01/11/10
Leaves very little reason to go to a midnight launch for it if thats the case :(
Posted 04:06pm 01/11/10
Wrath release was the same, it was released the night prior to the servers getting cut over.
Posted 04:30pm 01/11/10
Nah the Wrath midnight release in Australia happened after the servers had gone live.

However it seems it's the reverse this time around.
Posted 08:05pm 01/11/10
When TBC was released the servers were updated before the official launch day. I remember getting an early copy of TBC before the launch day, upgraded account and logged in and went straight to Hellfire without any problems.
Tim Tibbetts
Posted 08:11am 03/11/10
Yeah, but this makes me wonder...

Wondering exactly what time you’ll be able to begin playing your goblin or worgen or making your way to level 85? On all North American realms, World of Warcraft players who upgrade to Cataclysm will be able to begin experiencing the new content at 12 a.m. Pacific Standard Time (3 a.m. Eastern Standard Time) on December 7, whether they purchase the digital download through Battle.net or buy a physical retail boxed version in stores. Players will not be able to access Cataclysm expansion content prior to 12 a.m. PST, regardless of how they upgrade or what time zone they’re located in.

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