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Post by Dan @ 02:59pm 28/10/10 | 21 Comments
The latest trailer from Activision's GoldenEye remake shows off another new gameplay offering that looks a whole lot different than the original Nintendo 64 game, the tank chase. The St.Petersburg tank chase scene was one of the more memorable from the 1995 GoldenEye film and developer Eurocom looks to have amped it up for the new Wii-exclusive title.

Check it out here on AusGamers.

GoldenEye 007 is due on Australian's shelves on November 3 2010.

goldeneye 007trailer

Latest Comments
Posted 03:00pm 28/10/10
was going to rag the graphics then i saw

new Wii-exclusive title.
Posted 03:44pm 28/10/10
Yeh, surely its time for a Wii HD announcement?
Posted 04:05pm 28/10/10
ill continue to take game play over visuals any day
Posted 04:06pm 28/10/10
Keep telling yourself that spook.
Posted 04:07pm 28/10/10
Graphics look similar to Fallout New Vegas to me.
Posted 04:09pm 28/10/10
Graphics look good enough that they won't be distracting. I'm looking forward to this.
Posted 04:13pm 28/10/10
Keep telling yourself that spook.

i woudlnt have bought a wii if i thought any different.

you enjoy gran turismo now you hear (regardless of how it plays, im sure it will look great)
Posted 04:25pm 28/10/10
i dont have a ps3 you hear
Posted 04:37pm 28/10/10
insert whatever shiny title you think is awesome for gt then please
Posted 04:38pm 28/10/10
boys with toys

Here's an article on why they should come out with a new Wii
Had to the get the google cache cos the site is down
Posted 04:38pm 28/10/10
Isn't it about time for your wii fit session?
Posted 04:46pm 28/10/10
boys with toys

Here's an article on why they should come out with a new Wii
Had to the get the google cache cos the site is down

hah I liked this:

No, the days of the Wii that we all know are dead. The lack of HD visuals, horrid online interface, and the kind-of-sort-of-but-not-really-one-to-one-so-f***-it motion controls won’t be able to exist in a world where Microsoft and Sony can now compete in the games-for-morons casual market. Nintendo did its job: they resurrected their company’s image and their stock portfolios with the Wii, whilst changing the course of the gaming industry. Now they need to evolve the base that they built. No, they don’t need a Wii HD. Instead, they need a Wii 2: a full enhancing, and perfecting of the original Wii. Oh, and they need it quick.

Rings true to me.
Posted 04:57pm 28/10/10
Isn't it about time for your wii fit session?

nah, im busy playing metroid (and 10 pin bowling)
Posted 04:58pm 28/10/10
Got a bazillion stars on mario2 yet?
Posted 05:09pm 28/10/10
nah, its on hold for now.

mario'ed out.

just killing time until i can get nba jam and goldeneye
Posted 05:15pm 28/10/10
is it just me or does this just look lame? and nothing like goldeneye
Posted 05:49pm 28/10/10
You need to watch the other trailers. It looks a lot like Goldeneye.
Posted 07:01pm 28/10/10
All at a price of $US 90!
Posted 08:12pm 28/10/10
From that footage, gameplay didn't look like anything special either. Tank shooting like a tank. Blow me down.
Posted 09:22pm 28/10/10
It's not Goldeneye without Pierce.
Posted 10:49pm 28/10/10
my phone has better graphics than that

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