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Post by Dan @ 12:33pm 28/10/10 | 15 Comments
Celebrating one year since the release of their acclaimed little dungeon crawler, indie developer Runic Games are running a 50% sale for Torchlight, offering the PC game for US$10 until 8am October 29th PST (2am Saturday, Oct 30th, ADST).
Because you love playing Torchlight and encouraged your friends to check it out, we are able to be here a year later, making Torchlight II. Our simple principle of making the type of game we want to play and doing so as efficiently as possible resonated with you. We’ve loved seeing your screenshots and hearing about your fire-ball casting pet cats. We were just as excited as you, when you unlocked the Horse level and found the Sword of Adam. We have a great team that cares about the work we do, we have great distribution partners, and most importantly we have an awesome community. Thank you for supporting us! We can’t wait to share everything that’s next with you all.
The sale is currently only available for purcahses directly from Torchlightgame.com.

The sequel, Torchlight 2 is due for release in "early 2011" and promises and all new adventure with the much-requested multiplayer support and more modding capabilities.

torchlightrunic gamessale
Buy now from SteamEU Only EUR€14.99!
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Latest Comments
Posted 12:44pm 28/10/10
cool game, not at all my cup of tea, but i ended up loving it and playing it for ages!
Posted 12:51pm 28/10/10
Not worth $10 imo.
Posted 12:51pm 28/10/10
So if you buy it from their site it won't be integrated to steam?
Posted 01:15pm 28/10/10
awsome game, had so much fun with it. remember to download the mod called 'scroll of respect' adds a 10g scroll thats lets you repick your talent points etc.
Posted 03:32pm 28/10/10
@greazy, it's easily worth $10. It's a great little filler and has some very similar gameplay to Diablo (for obvious reasons, one being development team). I enjoyed it alot, and am glad I purchased it when I did :)
Posted 03:34pm 28/10/10
i played it for maybe half hr, didnt enjoy it at all.

diablo was heaps better
Posted 04:23pm 28/10/10
Posted 04:31pm 28/10/10
played for an hour and found it boring. glad i only paid $7 for it.
Posted 04:50pm 28/10/10
Gotta play it on heaps hard or you'll fall asleep.
Posted 04:59pm 28/10/10
If someone wants to paypal me $10 I can give it to them on steam.
Posted 05:54pm 28/10/10
you can just paypal steam that 10 dollars directly?

edit: oh right, its a slight bit more than 10 dollars on steam. although most people bought it between 3-15 dollars anyway...its currently 20 dollars.
Posted 06:12pm 28/10/10
it's worth $10 barely.
Posted 06:14pm 28/10/10
Disappointing, I thought it was $10 fleshlight :(
Posted 07:48pm 28/10/10
Yeah, bought it during one of the steam sales for $10 and its been sitting in my account for a couple of months. If someone was going to pick it up for $10 and would rather have it on steam I'll hand mine over.

edit: I also have a copy of worms reloaded for $15 if anyone wants it.

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Posted 09:26pm 28/10/10
Sigh. This isn't helping my exam revision.
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