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Post by Dan @ 12:47pm 26/10/10 | 27 Comments
Indie developer Telltale Games has sent along some new information regarding the recently revealed Back to the Future: The Game confirming that it's due this December for PC and Mac with PlayStation 3 and iPad versions to follow.
Picking up shortly after the events of the third Back to the Future film, Marty and Doc embark on a completely new cinematic time-travel adventure. The story unfolds across five exciting episodes, with a new installment releasing each month. Telltale is creating the game in collaboration with Universal Partnerships & Licensing and film series' co-creator/co-writer Bob Gale. The games will release soon after the Blu-ray debut and DVD release of the Back to the Future 25th Anniversary Trilogy on October 26, featuring all-new restorations of the classic films.
Accompanying the press release is a series of three behind the scenes trailers that while still not offering any peeks at actualy gameplay, do at least indicate that the game's voice-acting should meet fan expectations.

The videos show actor Christopher Lloyd reprising his role as Doc Brown in the game, but Telltale were unable to secure Michael J Fox as the voice of Marty McFly. Fans should fear not however, as not only do they have permission to use Fox's likeness in the game, they've also unearthed an incredible Marty sound-a-like. See for yourself in the "Hey McFly!" dev diary trailer here on AusGamers.

Part 1 and 3 of the Behind the Scenes series can also be found locally here and here.

PC and Mac Pre-Orders are now open over at backtothefuturegame.com now for US$24.95 and include a free copy of Telltale's Puzzle Agent. A specific release date and PS3/iPad pricing are promised "at a later date".

Update: Kotaku's Mark Serrel's points out that Telltale are offering the first episode for free - get your redeem code here from the official site.

back to the futuretelltaletrailer

Latest Comments
Posted 01:11pm 26/10/10
Holy crap, that is a wicked impression. And it's looking awesome!
Posted 02:01pm 26/10/10
when i heard the voice sample the dude sent in to get the job i actually thought it was mjf. very awesome voice impersonation.
Posted 02:06pm 26/10/10
What the hell is a jigawatt?
Posted 02:51pm 26/10/10
hahaha that is a great little video. The voice resemblance is uncanny!

Also Christopher Lloyd is awesome
Posted 02:52pm 26/10/10
That was pretty impressive.
Posted 02:56pm 26/10/10
That dude's voice impression is inspiring me to acquire the game.
Posted 02:58pm 26/10/10
lewks linky works.
Posted 03:05pm 26/10/10
cheers lewks just 'bought' it
Posted 03:10pm 26/10/10
As soon as I heard the music I was sold tbh, forgot how much I loved those movies. And yeah, the voice is just spot on perfect, uncanny.
Posted 03:23pm 26/10/10
Thanks for sharing that Lewk. Updated the OP.
Posted 05:51pm 26/10/10
Posted 07:34pm 26/10/10
Telltale games continue to impress me.
Posted 10:43pm 26/10/10
NP guys. I'm impressed Telltale are doing this.
Posted 11:03pm 26/10/10
hopefully they will release info on the jurassic park game(s) they are doing soon
Posted 12:34am 27/10/10
oh my god, how the hell did they find that guy amongst millions!?
Posted 12:51am 27/10/10
When can we download ep 1?
Posted 09:42am 27/10/10
how the hell did they find that guy amongst millions!?

the guy came to them.
Posted 09:48am 27/10/10
Anyone else having troubles downloading or accessing the first episode for free?
Posted 10:20am 27/10/10
guy does an awesome impression
Posted 10:48am 27/10/10
Goddamn, Telltale know how to mine the nostalgia
Posted 01:34pm 27/10/10
I can't get it for free. It keeps showing up in my cart as $8.95, even though the page before hand says "CLIK HEAR 2 GET IT 4 FREE!!11"
Posted 01:58pm 27/10/10
Posted 02:00pm 27/10/10
looks like the offer has ended. cant find it on the site.
Posted 02:22pm 27/10/10
Yeah, I can't find it either. :(
Posted 02:30pm 27/10/10
Posted 02:43pm 27/10/10
Sweet! Got it, thanks. :D
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