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Post by Dan @ 03:47pm 25/10/10 | 14 Comments
Hi-Rez Studios, the crew behind the FPS MMO Global Agenda, have announced -- via a message board post over on the Global Agenda forums that not only have they have acquired the rights the Tribes franchise from InstantAction.com but that a new game Tribes Universe is already in the pipeline.

While a formal announcement is still yet to be made, Hi-Rez Studios' CEO Erez Goren explained that the intention is for the game to support over 100 players simultaneously in massive maps with air and ground vehicles, many weapons, clan support and of course, Tribes mainstays jetpacks and "skiiing".

Goren also mentions that an Alpha test of Tribes: Universe should kick off in early 2011 with "Global Agenda players with level 50 characters will have priority in entering Alpha and Beta testing.".

Let's hope we can get some more info and a trailer and a screenshot or two before that.

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Latest Comments
Posted 03:50pm 25/10/10
existence just creamed his pants.
Posted 03:59pm 25/10/10
I wanna be excited for this but if its anything like Tribes Vengence...pass.
Posted 04:09pm 25/10/10
Hopefully you don't need to trade gold to get a repair pack :(
Posted 05:25pm 25/10/10
Wow this news has made my day! I hope it gets the go ahead! I ws a massive tribes 1 and 2 fan
Posted 05:45pm 25/10/10
f***kk yeahhhh tribes 1 + 2 = the best
Posted 05:59pm 25/10/10
-its an mmo
-its on the unreal engine (no lag compensation + international server = gg)

f*** off hi-rez
Posted 11:06pm 25/10/10
-its on the unreal engine

Torque engine just cried a little in the corner
Posted 12:04am 26/10/10
get your disk launchers ready!
Posted 12:47am 26/10/10
Oh man, I so hope this is close to Tribes 2. Fingers crossed.
Posted 01:09am 26/10/10
Awesome, I remember dad bringing home T2 one day after school and not leaving the pc room for f*****g weeks.
He really loved that game :P
Posted 03:22am 26/10/10
RIP tribes
Posted 11:14am 26/10/10
i am pretty pissed. hi-rez didn't give us local servers for global agenda, so the chances of them repeating this mistake for tribes (IT'S AN MMO??) is pretty f*****g astronomical. tribes was cool on 56k, but i wouldn't say i want to play on it again.
Posted 11:40am 26/10/10
Awesome news, just please don't f*** it up
Posted 11:45am 12/12/10
i leik tribes :>>>>
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