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Post by Dan @ 03:29pm 23/10/10 | 23 Comments
Amidst their annual Blizzcon celebrations, Blizzard have released some new media from the hotly anticipated Diablo III. To accompany the reveal of the new Demon Hunter class, there's a new cinematic video as well as a very awesome montage of gameplay footage that shows off a variety of different encounters over almost 19 minutes - you can stream this one below, but we recommend downloading the 720p XviD source (749MB).
"She emerged from the shadows cast by the setting sun and wasted no time in dispatching the rest of my attackers. Her hands worked twin crossbows, launching a glowing arc of flaming bolts over my head, blanketing the hulking monsters."
A full bio for the Demon Hunter (and all of the previous announced classes can be found over on the official Diablo III site.

Additionally, we also have a stack of new screenshots and concept art so go nuts!

Diablo 3 "Demon Hunter" Cinematic Trailer

Diablo 3 Blizzcon 2010 Gameplay Trailer

diablo 3blizzcon 2010trailerscreenshots
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Latest Comments
Posted 03:48pm 23/10/10
I think I just found my new favourite class...
Posted 03:49pm 23/10/10
Looks to be my class!
Posted 04:12pm 23/10/10
Is that demon hunter cinematic in game or something?
Posted 04:22pm 23/10/10
It'd be using some in-game assets.
Posted 05:24pm 23/10/10
did anyone else find that cinematic... quite lame and tacky?

That said - I think Ill be using the class for sure!
Posted 05:35pm 23/10/10
Yeah, I thought it was kinda cheesy.
Posted 06:06pm 23/10/10
Yep i thought the same thing. It was so strange and not at all blizzard like.
Posted 06:18pm 23/10/10
Is that demon hunter cinematic in game or something?
Yes, it's in-game models, there was an interview about it.
Posted 06:31pm 23/10/10
looks like it was made by the interns.. not up to scratch
Posted 07:35pm 23/10/10
female only class ??
Posted 07:42pm 23/10/10
No sash, there is a male version as well.
Posted 09:16pm 23/10/10
That's awesome. I'll be trying out that class first.

What's going to be your control of choice? Mouse/Keyboard or gamepad?
Posted 08:46am 24/10/10
this game is going to be epic! she had a few moves that reminded me of an Amazon.
Posted 10:26am 24/10/10
wtf... that blink/charge thing she does better not be able to be used in multiplayer... at one stage in the movie she does it 3 times in a row?
Posted 10:38am 24/10/10
they probably having put a limit on it yet
Posted 03:50pm 24/10/10
Man can't wait, pity I wouldn't expect release to be until at least christmas 2011 :(
Posted 03:58pm 24/10/10
Heh the trailer was a bit cheesey, but not as bad as that Cataclysm one they released a few months back!
Posted 05:18pm 24/10/10
Whats wrong with it being used in multiplayer? If someone wants to spam it in multiplayer, end up way out in front of their group then have no mana left and die, then good for them.
Posted 05:33pm 24/10/10
yeh children blizzard are the masters of balance.. wont be an issue

more pumped for this release then i think any game thats ever been released. it is a good time to be a gamer.

ill be playin sorc though
Posted 05:49pm 24/10/10
from what the trailer and arena preview looked like i think atm its infinite mana but its more a game of cooldown usage kind of like bloodline heroes game. i think its a good route to go down
Posted 05:56pm 24/10/10
Yeah, the arena game isn't meant to be super balanced, its just meant to be fun, hence the reason they went for 3v3 because that way at least your team-mates can fill in any holes in your spec. Was watching an interview with one of the Diablo 3 guys and he was saying they absolutely are not making the arena stuff into some hardcore e-sport worthy competitive thing, its not supposed to be like Starcraft 2's multiplayer or anything, its just a bit of fun.
Posted 06:14pm 24/10/10
The open Q&A was filled with people asking about PvP to an extent that clearly showed that they didn't get the original concept of being 'hostile' in the previous games, and illustrated exactly why D3 won't be 'pro' in that instance.

Btw, to anyone that watched the virtual ticket stream - I asked about Bnet 2.0 feedback from the SCII launch, and if D3 will be region locked... (they're hoping not to)
Posted 06:19pm 24/10/10
region locking d3 wont be so bad seeing as its an RPG you would be playing with friends and really its all about the server economy which wont be bad for s.e asia, and we will probably get access to both regions again if thats the case.
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