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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 09:54am 23/10/10 | 5 Comments
As part of the opening ceremony for BliCon 2010, Blizzard's head honcho, Mike Morhaime, revealed that you won't need to wait for an install off the disc or a host of patch updates to play World of WarCraft: Cataclysm as soon as you purchase it, in fact you can buy the game in full from them digitally, pre-load it and start playing the minute they turn on the servers - taking obvious cues from how Steam do it.

A few other announcements made it out of the morning's address, including details on the fifth and final Diablo III class (more of which we'll tell you about shortly), which you'll find in full in our quick wrap-up right here.

Stay tuned for more throughout the day.

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Latest Comments
Posted 08:46am 24/10/10
hrmm to play this game or not to play this game...
Posted 05:48pm 24/10/10
I wish they had made it clear whether it's possible (or at least offered) for people planning to buy a physical collecters ed., to preload and pre-patch the release version and then enter the box's cd key when needed.

Nothing blows more than having to install off the unnecessary DVD/CD media, and then swallow the inevitable 600MB patch of 's*** that wasn't ready till after we went to manufacturing' before playing.
Posted 05:50pm 24/10/10
Yeah, I've got two accounts, thinking of buying it online for my second account so I can preload and have my client ready to go, then just stick the collector's key in for my main account on the night without having to install of the Dvd.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 12:54am 25/10/10
well what I learnt is that a majority of the game is actually already up, as part of the last few patches (obviously more so the latest patch), so they've been sneaking it up - not sure about pre-loading when you plan on buying a physical copy though, but if the content is pretty much there, there must be something you're able to do - let me investigate more for you creepy
Posted 10:59am 25/10/10
The impression I got was that this would be the case Creepy. You pre-load everything prior to the launch of the expansion, then once you enter the CD-Key on your profile you're able to access the new content. Prior to this, it'll be there but you can't touch any of it until the key's been entered. I'd be surprised if the DVD is required for anything beyond reinstalling down the line.

At least that's my take on what's being communicated thus far. For what it's worth, the streaming client can DIAF too.
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