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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 02:51am 23/10/10 | 26 Comments
BlizzCon officially opens its doors in just under two hours here in Anaheim, California.

AusGamers is on-hand to check out the goods, and we have a few awesome interviews lined up today for StarCraft II, World of WarCraft and arguably the most anticipated title of the event, Diablo III. Also of worthy note is on our Schedule of Events sheet, is the inclusion of a main-stage presentation for "StarCraft II Custom Maps and Editor".

The lines outside are already intensely huge, and we'll do our best to find time to offer a few updates throughout (today's schedule is pretty full-on though), so check back for more, right here on AusGamers throughout the day/night.

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Latest Comments
Posted 06:02am 23/10/10
No announcement about their new mmo :(
Posted 06:46am 23/10/10
Thats one big ass line, you got any photos of costumes I see two people with their Buccaneer Achievement.

I'd be surprised if they do announce their next product so soon to Cataclysm particularly with SCII expansions and Diablo III already in the mix.
Posted 08:00am 23/10/10
They announced DOTA for SC2. Yippee, I think?

Diablo 3's Demon Hunter looks rather cool however!
Posted 08:15am 23/10/10
i really just wanna know when diablo 3 is being released, i think weve all been waiting long enough
Posted 08:26am 23/10/10
when its ready mang
Posted 08:42am 23/10/10
The Diablo 3 panel was pretty awesome, showed a lot of new gameplay and a lot of new abilities, and the skill runes that change the abilities (Barbarian can throw corpses at people!)

The pvp arena stuff actually looks like it could be fun too, I wasn't too sold on it when they announced it, but when they talked about it a bit more in the panel it sounded like it could be fun.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 09:05am 23/10/10
full run down of a lot of this is forthcoming dudes, for those of you who didn't get the ppv
Posted 09:49am 23/10/10
So not much this year ey? Was kind of expecting it, seen as how they have Cata down pat, with all info out and about there. SC2 is done, and just generating revenue, and anticipation for next expansion, though thats in 18+ months. So they have s*** all really to show.
Posted 10:03am 23/10/10
Yeh Cata in open beta, SC2 is live, d3 we know all about we just wanna buy it.

Some info on Heart of the Swarm woudl be cool, new units etc?
Posted 10:07am 23/10/10
4.10 patch for Cata is gonna add a new raid set in the elemental plane of fire, where you fight Ragnaros on his home turf, sounds pretty cool.

Kalecgos becomes the new blue dragon aspect too, and it sounds like Thrall fills the role of the aspect of Earth in the fight against Deathwing. New old god in cata as well, and hes the old god behind the emerald nightmare, so maybe there'll be some emerald dream/nightmare stuff in there after all.
Posted 10:31am 23/10/10

dunno what this is but apparently itm is how to watch the sc2 comp.
Reverend Evil
Posted 10:31am 23/10/10
Anyone here get the Virtual Ticket for BlizzCon? I've been watching a few of the streams and the quality is really nice. The WoW Q&A finished about half an hour ago and was pretty interesting.

If I'm reading the program right I think the cosplay stuff starts around 12pm our time which should be cool. Saw some complete glamor dressed as a monk from Diablo 3. Obviously put an insane amount of time into her suit. Looked kickass.
Posted 11:34am 23/10/10
Yeah, I've been watching it Rev, that Q&A panel was really cool.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 11:47am 23/10/10
grrr, I have heaps of rad stuff for you guys, but it's proving difficult to find time during interviews and the like to get it to you - had some great interviews for all three titles though
Reverend Evil
Posted 11:53am 23/10/10
I think that cosplay stuff is starting 11am Queensland time and 12pm for everyone else. Should be awesome.

If you get anything cool WoW-wise Steve, remember me!!!

Posted 02:16pm 23/10/10
No new MMO info? When is next years Blizzcon?
Posted 02:29pm 23/10/10
Was watching one of the interviews they do with Blizzard guys to fill in time between the panels and stuff on the stream (might have been with Rob Pardo) and he said not to expect any announcement about the new MMO this year or next year, its still quite a few years away.
Posted 04:45pm 23/10/10
They're very mum about Heart of the Swarm, but did reiterate that Wings of Liberty has barely scratched the surface of the story that they are telling. And that if you thought that this was a simple story of a guy and a girl, and oh a deus-ex-machina-protoss-relic...you ain't seen nothing yet.

The four new StarCraft II mods on show look fantastic, and will all be free to download/play in the coming months. Diablo 3 looks like it's still a little ways off, but the on-site demo feels very solid and polished. The arena PvP mode looks hella fun - a lot more fun than WoW arena. The comment on rune+skill modifications equalling about 97 billion permutations per D3 class was met with awe. :D
Posted 04:59pm 23/10/10
No new MMO info? When is next years Blizzcon?
Next year i'm guessing.
Posted 08:49am 24/10/10
Four new starcraft II mods? Explain?!
Posted 10:53am 24/10/10
The Cataclysm login screen for those interested (from MMO-Champion):

Posted 10:56am 24/10/10
haha wow, do u guys actually care about the login screen?
Posted 11:00am 24/10/10
Four new starcraft II mods? Explain?!

Probably talking about custom maps by blizzard? Eg. Few months ago they released that map (that no one plays) where lava came up out of the ground every few mins.
Posted 11:11am 24/10/10
Sc00bs: It looks less annoying than the Wrath one. It's also new and hasn't been seen before, so yes.
Reverend Evil
Posted 11:38am 24/10/10
I reckon it looks awesome although I'm not liking that screech he does. We've already got one dragon login that is annoying to listen to.
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