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Post by Dan @ 05:08pm 22/10/10 | 34 Comments
After a lot of hype and some serious marketing from EA that involved some prominent TV spots, Medal of Honor is now on store shelves for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The competition is fierce though and Medal of Honor enters an already densely occupied arena of first person shooters.

Many reported disappointment from the multiplayer beta tests but held on to hopes that the final product would address their issues -- in addition to the promise of a gritty singleplayer component. So does it stack up to expectations? Things aren't looking too good.

Find out why in our in-depth review.

medal of honorreview
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Latest Comments
Posted 06:36pm 22/10/10
Way too kind ! Although I bought the PC version ...... so disappointing !
Posted 06:38pm 22/10/10
Game is crap dont bother buying it..
Posted 10:31pm 22/10/10
5.9 is too kind. Seriously, we all knew what was coming with the terrible betas. They did more damage to the title then good.
Posted 10:34pm 22/10/10
good game didn't like it either
Posted 10:39pm 22/10/10
yeah the campaign is not very fun at all and the guns feel like s***, hammy ham hamham.
nfi how they dropped the ball so badly on this one.
Posted 11:17pm 22/10/10
Absolutely positively a brilliant game for consoles....

Coaster for PCs.
Posted 11:28pm 22/10/10
I agree ! ! :-)

hehehehe good game imo :-)

(not as good as medal of honour tho broxsssssssssssss ;-)
Posted 11:29pm 22/10/10
Gave it 5 minsutes in SP and went back to MP though probably one of the most frustrating MP games I have played yet enjoyable.
Posted 01:41am 23/10/10
Absolutely positively a brilliant game for consoles....Coaster for PCs.

You Trollin'
Posted 06:41am 23/10/10
yeah the campaign is not very fun at all and the guns feel like s***, hammy ham hamham.
nfi how they dropped the ball so badly on this one.

Probably were under pressure to release it before Black Ops
Posted 09:25am 23/10/10
Was it just me or did the game/EA/DICE try a little to hard to make Team America Fsck Yeah look fscking awesome ?!?

Correcto on the console comments. Such a poor attempt at a port.
Posted 09:37am 23/10/10
A really average game. The Singleplayer was okay but it suddenly ends and make you feel cheaped out.

The graphics are really dated (especially for a PC game) and the SP mode is so scripted it make you feel like you're being funneled down linear corridors (even outside).

The Multiplayer also isn't working for me.

I paid only $22 AUD for it and I still feel like it didn't live up to my expectations.
Posted 10:13am 23/10/10
MP is great, people just need to adjust to the game.
Posted 06:28pm 23/10/10
It's honestly not reLapse. The map environment is well done, sure. But everything else is just so f-ed up. Spawn points, guns being like laser rifles, snipers being the dominant weapon, shotguns killing people 100m away, streaks lackluster and for a team encouraging game, it doesn't really say "go team" much.
Posted 12:02am 24/10/10
buggy pos is buggy. finished the SP today and i could only ever pick out the flaws.

Played it through hard but it wasn't even hard? i could take like 20 shots from baddies and not die then any challenging part was met with you calling down a strike of deathfromabove. The triggers in each mission was lame. In one particular part I was getting cheesed off at the game so instead of sneaking i just rambo'ed in so the way the game thought it would make it harder was to.. spawn AQ right on top of me...

And for some reason my mouse is lagged to s*** when i load it up and it i have to toggle vsync on/off before it fixes itself..weird

You cant help but compared the SP to MW2 sp.. and this attempt is just really sad.
Posted 07:52pm 24/10/10
Eorl no game has a good spawning system, snipers aren't dominant on the pc, shotguns definitely do not kill from that far away and the streaks are anything but lackluster.

I play it, sounds like you don't.
Posted 08:55pm 24/10/10
Wow, I never thought this game would be 'this s***'...

Lets hope Black Ops will be a much better game eh?
Posted 08:59am 25/10/10
reLapse, Doom had a good spawning system. Have you actually played that?
Posted 02:08pm 26/10/10
@reLapse, from what I played, it sure as hell was bad. And there are a lot of other MP games that have better respawning then this pos. Hell, css has better respawning.
Posted 07:19pm 27/10/10
I actually enjoyed the game. Short SP, granted, but the MP is pretty solid. Good tight maps, fast, and interesting.
Posted 12:31pm 28/10/10
@Eorl CSS TDM respawning is just as bad as any other game, you always spawn near someone else.
Posted 06:14pm 28/10/10
I just finished the single player and loved it. Great stories and cutscenes. Prone and lean are an awesome thing. Only one crash. I think 5.9 was too harsh.
Posted 08:38pm 28/10/10
infi likes any game where you get to shoot Hajis.

Needless to say, i'll be renting this out on the xbox for an over night bash.
The GuVna
Posted 01:25am 29/10/10
Posted 01:48am 29/10/10
Hahahahahah, that's gold guvna!
Posted 10:56am 29/10/10
So - am I reading correctly that the console version is preferable to PC (which is what I would normally prefer)??? Even with the reviews I know I will end up buying it...
Posted 11:00am 29/10/10
Might check it out, see how I go.
Posted 09:53pm 29/10/10
SP is hit and miss. i enjoy the simplicity of racing thru the levels and only using pistol (unlimited reloads) and trying to knife as many as possible. hell, im even having more fun than COD6 SP cause im not havign to wait all the time for blood on the screen to die down from the millions of enemies that just keep coming at you.

MP i have love/hate relationship. Some games are great and i pwn while others i get spawncamped or cant move from A to B without some camping sniper nailing me a mile away with no deathcam to spot the little bastard. I hated COD6 due to terrible ping and enjoyed BFBC2 but found it too team-orientated which is great when with buddies but i have none. Hence, MOH is a mix of both. Run and gun similar to COD but bunnyhopping style gameplay doest work too well and less teamwork required than BFBC2.

I would never, ever touch console though. Im terrible with gamepad and dont see how console could ever play better apart form the ability to hire out and finish campaign in a sitting or test MP then return the day after.
Posted 12:02am 30/10/10
I do like smokin Hajis but I am also partial to the AK....

Also no lean or prone in MP BLOWSSSSSS wtf they are two different games. But its still pretty damn fun, definitely an improvement over BC2 even though its basically the same engine.
Posted 10:46am 30/10/10
typical.....once again it sounds like their catering for console market and pfft to pc gamers :(

save my coin for a couple of slabs.........
Posted 04:31pm 30/10/10
also there is no split screen multiplayer.
wtf is with that?
Posted 05:42pm 04/11/10
I don't mind the MP... Sometimes frustrating but rewarding when you can get around and Knife those F'in snipers that camp. If you’re gonna run out in the open, throw smoke first!
Posted 09:36pm 04/11/10
Rented this to play the single player campaign and smoke some Hajis.

Though i think at the moment i'm the one being smoked. Suck s*** USA!
Posted 12:10am 05/11/10
lol, MP is f***en awesome. way better than cod4 and BC2. cant comment on mw2 cos i never bought the POS.
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