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Post by Dan @ 01:42pm 22/10/10 | 6 Comments
Those that criticized Valve's introduction of the Mann Co. Store -- the marketplace for Team Fortress 2 user-created content -- may want to adjust their opinions, as according to Gamasutra, several community content creators have now just banked over USD$39,000 each, courtesy of the venture's 25% royalty payments.
Today, Valve said that community content creators Rob Laro, Shawn Spetch, Steven Skidmore, Spencer Kern and Shaylyn Hamm took home initial royalty payments ranging from $39,000 to $47,000 each from the first round of Team Fortress 2 content creation. And these are just the checks from the first two weeks of operation.


Valve said it was going to deposit the royalties in the modders' PayPal accounts, but the revenue from the sales was so high that it exceeded some of the service's limits on deposit size. Valve flew Kern and Skidmore to the developer's Kirkland, WA headquarters to give them the payments in person.
Apparently, people really love those hats and are willing to pay for them. By offering the mod community a slice of that pie, Valve have opened up a whole new source of revenue and longevity -- one that other publishers will no-doubt be paying a lot of attention to. How long until we see a game offering royalties for user-created maps?

Click over to Gamasutra for the complete, and very interesting read.

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Latest Comments
Posted 01:46pm 22/10/10
grr had a post all typed up and refreshed the home page to find it as a news story.

congrats to the contributors although it makes me wonder how much money valve has made from the update as well. however much it is they deserve it.
Posted 02:02pm 22/10/10
Curious if this means anyone can create content and put it on there. Pretty insane effort.
Posted 02:44pm 22/10/10
anyone can create something and submit it. valve decides whether its good enough to go into the game though.
Posted 03:01pm 22/10/10
Love it.
Posted 04:02pm 22/10/10
Posted 04:20pm 24/10/10
blah, this is just a branch of paying for dlc.
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