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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 05:21pm 19/10/10 | 12 Comments
AusGamers' own Kosta Andreadis donned some chainmail, equipped a steel whip and cross and took on a whole fantasy and undead army in the latest Castlevania update, Lords of Shadow.

Taking more from modern action games than the series' myriad predecessors, Lords of Shadow presents a stunningly crafted fantasy world rich in visual splendour, with plenty of action and boss-battling to boot. It may lack in the platform/puzzle department so many other Castlevania games revel in, but Lords of Shadow definitely gets a lot right as Kosta explores in his in-depth review.

Click here for the full run-down.

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Latest Comments
Posted 06:00pm 19/10/10
Thoroughly enjoyed this one. The difficulty is little hair-tearingly brutal at points but it's pretty generous with save checkpoints even in boss battles. It does kind of throw you in the deep end at the start though and it takes a while to really warm up to. Especially since to being with you only have a couple of different basic attack moves and by the end of the game you have dozens of different combos and equipment to mix things up.

Story is pretty well handled though and it's great to see a nice medieval fantasy good vs evil type thing with all the public-domain monsters and characters of olde making an appearance.

Highly recommended to anyone that likes the action game formula in the style of God of War/Ninja Gaiden etc.
Posted 12:16pm 20/10/10
just bought this and enslaved for ps3 off ozgameshop. cant wait to play them.
Posted 12:21pm 20/10/10
i don't get the extending weapon thing

God of war, castlevania, enslaved...

like star wars force unleashed was f*****g awesome and they didn't need super duper extending light saber to make it playable...

especially castlevania that cross whip thing just looks super forced
Posted 12:48pm 20/10/10
you don't get that in god of war his blades are attached to long chains? what don't you grasp here?
Posted 01:11pm 20/10/10
obviously i understand that that is what is going on

i don't understand why all these games need to force the extending weapon in one way or another for some reason...

it's so ridiculously forced in enslaved too, this magically elongating thing attached to his arm
Posted 01:52pm 20/10/10
erm enslaved is a loose retelling of the old chinese story "journey to the west" where the monkey king had an extending pole. seems like a good reason to have it in the game.

last edited by ravn0s at 13:52:34 20/Oct/10
Posted 02:10pm 20/10/10
Man, having a whip in a Castlevania game is so forced:
Posted 02:15pm 20/10/10
Overly difficult

that puts me off all together.

nothing worse than a game you buy and get stuck somewhere cause its f***** impossibly hard.

Posted 02:16pm 20/10/10
just sayin'

doesn't seem like a coincidence

really, who the f*** would take a whip to fight vampires and warewolves. that picture pretty much backs my point up
Posted 02:26pm 20/10/10
he does have a sword tho.

maybe he uses his whip like indiana jones
Posted 03:52pm 20/10/10
like star wars force unleashed was f*****g awesome and they didn't need super duper extending light saber to make it playable...
Err you must have missed the fact you could throw your lightsaber, its the same thing, also you had force powers which you could use at range.
Posted 05:52pm 20/10/10
"doesn't seem like a coincidence"

damn wheres faceman with extending weapon game dev conspiracy theories
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