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Post by Dan @ 05:11pm 18/10/10 | 19 Comments
One of the last stops on what has been an epic press tour for the newly revealed continued development on this incredibly long awaited game, Gearbox Software's Randy Pitchford and Steve Gibson dropped into Brisbane's videogame themed Mana Bar on Sunday to give the Aussie locals the first opportunity to play Duke Nukem Forever.

Now over 12 years in the making and overcoming legal uncertainty it looks like Duke Nukem Forever is going to see the light of day, courtesy of the guys that brought us Borderlands, epic work from some of the original crew that wouldn't let it go and a whole bunch of fortunate circumstance and relationships.

AusGamers had the chance to chat to Randy and Steve following the public demo and hit them with a few questions that we hope haven't been focused on in the many interviews they've been subjected to in these past two months.

We ask for their thoughts on the "platform parity" concept between console and PC, delve deeper into who makes up the current development team at Gearbox, the possibility of mod and map tools for the game and of course, how they're expecting to fare with the notoriously strict Australian age classifications.

Find out everything we did in this developer interview.

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Latest Comments
Posted 05:19pm 18/10/10
nice interview.

i hate only being able to carry 2 weapons at once. hopefully in multi you will be able to carry them all.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 05:19pm 18/10/10
Awesome interview Dan
Posted 05:49pm 18/10/10
Cheers guys, I'll hopefully be able to get some hands-on impressions up soon too. It's pretty tough to pass judgment on what we've seen so far as to the strength of the final game though. It's kind of like when you watch a trailer for a comedy movie even though there's a bunch of great stuff in it, you can never tell if that's going to be consistent in the final film or whether they've just cut all the funniest bits into the trailer.

I think that it's very much going to be make or break based on it's comedic appeal and that even when the final game gets into people's hands, there's probably going to be a lot of polarised reviews because of personal senses of humour and inconsistent expectations of how good a game that was 13 years in the making should be.

Anyway, more to hopefully come on that soon.
Posted 06:03pm 18/10/10
I'm not sure if it's common knowledge or not, but has anyone given any insight in to what actually went so wrong with the development?

Obviously it was a combination of factors but could it be largely blamed on budget issues or more a case of too much creative and not enough management?

I've always wondered about whether or not George Broussard's attitude of Duke being HIS baby was what got in the way of meaningful progress.
Posted 06:21pm 18/10/10
^Pretty much reload.
Posted 09:00pm 18/10/10
From what I gather, an under-resourced tiny team, combined with big dreams but no proper planning and the management were incompetent.
Posted 06:58pm 18/10/10
i hate only being able to carry 2 weapons at once

Jesus tap dancing christ. Why the f*** can you only carry 2 weapons?
Posted 07:04pm 18/10/10
The third spot is for your flash light.
Posted 07:16pm 18/10/10
All of those questions were fantastic dan. Nice interview.
Posted 07:36pm 18/10/10
I've always wondered about whether or not George Broussard's attitude of Duke being HIS baby was what got in the way of meaningful progress.

There was a huge rant published by a few employee's when it was first announced the company was being closed down (3DR).

Cliff notes were that George had no timelines or real direction; and someone would be working on things for 3 months and then have it scrapped because George went to look at it for the first time and didn't like it or something.

Also they said he played WoW etc during the work day the majority of the time and so thing's werent even done.
Posted 07:36pm 18/10/10
Moving goal-posts and rewriting and adapting to different engines helped drag 3D-Realms down.
Posted 08:48pm 18/10/10
All in all, a great read.

Knowing how they feel about platform parity was especially good. I also like knowing that they are not the money grabbing type and that they give a s*** in general.
Posted 08:59pm 18/10/10
or at least give enough of a s*** to give that impression :p
Posted 09:16pm 18/10/10
We are in the home stretch now. Giddy Up.
Posted 09:21pm 18/10/10
ask him when he's gonna open up gearbox AU here in Brisbane so I can work for them
Posted 10:11pm 18/10/10
For reload: here's an article by wired that detailed the time-line of what went down with DNF.

EDIT: Also, well done with the interview Dan. =)
Posted 10:50pm 18/10/10
Cheers, very interesting read. Broussard sounds like even more of a tard than I thought.
Posted 09:13am 19/10/10
I think pc powerplay wrote an article on it.

From what was gathered in the article, they wanted the game to be as successful as the first. They kept seeing these great games being made (Which wa back in the Half Life 1 days) and constantly took bits out and added new ideas to try and make their game the best. In the end nothing was completed. The article was very interesting, wish i could remember where i read it
Posted 12:15pm 19/10/10
mebbe that one?
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