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Our roving Melbourne reporter Mike Bantick was on-scene once again at the annual Game Connect Asia Pacific (GCAP) conference, a local game development industry event that was hosted this year on the Gold Coast, Australia.

Mike brings us a wrap-up of the event that this year featured representatives from studios such as Double Fine Productions, Microsoft and Epic Games as well as what appeared to be the entire contingent of "Fruit Ninjas" from Half-brick Studios.
If 2008 was the rise of the casual gamer, and 2009 was the rise of mobile gaming, then the theme for 2010 in many ways was the rise (or return to) the independent game developer.

Whist the theme of GCAP 2010 was ‘The player Experience’ it was a focus on making a success of independent game development that was the conference’s kernel.
Read on for all the details.

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