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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 01:18pm 15/10/10 | 29 Comments
The inevitable has happened, with GT5 once again being delayed at the behest of Polyphony Digital's Kazunori Yamauchi who recently tweeted that this latest delay was "inexcusable".

The PlayStation Blog reported the delay, and has promised the game would still ship this holiday season.

"We sincerely apologize to GT fans for the delay, however, creator Kazunori Yamauchi and the team at Polyphony Digital want to make certain they are creating the perfect racing experience, and we are confident that this ambitious game will exceed expectations when it launches."

Is this the new Duke Nukem Forever?

gran turismo 5polyphony digitaldelayed
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Latest Comments
Posted 01:23pm 15/10/10
haha, gee, who could have predicted that eh

does it give a delay date or is that it?
Posted 01:23pm 15/10/10
haha wow everyone is going to absoultely rip s*** on every single little flaw with this game.

They would have to be pretty confident that its going to be a near perfect product after what 4-5yrs of production.

I remember when i first bought my ps3 when they just came out yrs and yrs ago, and it was spose to be one of the launching tittles, or very close after launch
Posted 02:16pm 15/10/10
lol f*** when do they start claiming for liquidated damages?
Posted 02:25pm 15/10/10
i hate gt5 already... it put the price of logitech g27s up in brisbane
Posted 05:12pm 15/10/10
5 years development? This better be the best game ever.

*plays game*

You got lucky.
Posted 05:15pm 15/10/10
how hard is it to make a racing game?
Posted 05:17pm 15/10/10
The actual reason for the delay turned out to be on the production side. Gran Turismo 5 missed its production window by a mere three days. Kazunori Yamauchi publicly apologised via his Twitter account and explained that with such a complex game, a lot has to be ironed out. He finished his Tweet with, "Wait a little longer".[40][41]It was later leaked by a BluRay forum moderator that the delay was due to Sony's decision to release the game under the newer 3.50 SDK firmware standard, rather than 3.41 as originally intended.
Posted 05:18pm 15/10/10
so i guess that means you'll need the latest firmware update to play it?
Posted 05:21pm 15/10/10
Posted 05:26pm 15/10/10
Unless Kazunori Yamauchi is tweeting from the other side it wasn't a bequest :P
Posted 05:37pm 15/10/10
Unless Kazunori Yamauchi is tweeting from the other side it wasn't a bequest :P

Perhaps he meant "behest"
Posted 05:40pm 15/10/10
Your kidding me right? I've been waiting for this thing since Prologue.
Posted 05:42pm 15/10/10
Kazunori - "this game needs to be three times as shiny, YOU IDIOTS"
Posted 06:09pm 15/10/10
F***en, I seriously can't wait for this game!

Just bring it out already!@$#!!!
Posted 06:10pm 15/10/10
Gran Turismo Forever.
Posted 06:39pm 15/10/10
3.50 firmware? Geez this will sort alot of people out, including me :/
Posted 07:36pm 15/10/10
suck s*** imo
Posted 02:10am 16/10/10
I hope this is nothin like GT 5 Prologue just with more tracks and cars cause if it is its gonna suck balls. Might sell my G25...
Posted 02:17am 16/10/10
Who gives a f***.
Posted 02:26am 16/10/10
Let us know when that g25 hits the sold forum.
Posted 02:34am 16/10/10
I can't wait for the next version of forza, might be fun with kinetic. I loved the GT series though because it had better tracks.
Posted 07:48am 16/10/10
this never ending story knows no bounds of lulz
Posted 12:12pm 02/11/10
I don't know if I was wrong in reviving this thread or not, but any news about release eta?
Posted 01:04pm 02/11/10
The PlayStation Blog reported the delay, and has promised the game would still ship this holiday season.

Sounds like by Christmas time. I hope it does.
Posted 02:46pm 02/11/10
A work colleague has some GT5 iphone app and says release date is tomorrow? This could be release date in another country and then a couple of days to follow for us? Anyway, I told him not to hold his breath.
Posted 02:57pm 02/11/10
thats probably the original release date before it got delayed.
Posted 02:59pm 02/11/10
Yeah, November 3 was the planned release date before this delay.
Posted 05:40pm 02/11/10
I got this in an email

Thank you for your order of Gran Turismo 5 Signature Edition [PS3] with

When you ordered this item, the publication date was set as 5 November 2010. The item has now been delayed and our information shows it is now due to be published on 26 November, 2010.

We will continue to keep the item on order until it is released. When it arrives into our warehouse and is shipped, you will receive an email notification on despatch.

If you would prefer to cancel this item, you can do so at the link below:

So I'm not sure if it's 'released' on the 26th, or just 'published', whatever the f*** that might mean...
Posted 08:38pm 02/11/10
Signature edition is that f*** off expensive $300 one with the f*** off expensive $500k merc comp???
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