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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 12:57pm 14/10/10 | 8 Comments
SEGA's classic arcade driving romp, Crazy Taxi, will be making its way to the digital platforms of Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network November 26 here in Australia for 800 MS Points (AU$13) and $12.95, respectively.

"Crazy Taxi is the second installment in our Dreamcast revival," said Haruki Satomi, SEGA's Vice President of Digital Business via press release. "And we hope this release will prove every bit as nostalgic to fans as Sonic Adventure did last month."

The game has been reformatted to HD 720p and a proper 16:9 ratio and will fully support Trophies and Achievements.

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Latest Comments
Posted 01:59pm 14/10/10
Sonic adventure is on XBLA??!?!??!
Posted 02:21pm 14/10/10
I personally find these xbla games to be way over priced, and it really puts me off buying them.
In this case i wouldn't pay over $5 for crazy taxi.
Posted 03:57pm 14/10/10
I remember my mum getting me this for PS2 at xmas time, many many years ago, and I was like "Pfft, this looks terrible." I subsequently played literally hours upon hours on this game.
Posted 04:00pm 14/10/10
i had crazy taxi 3 and the graphics are unplayable these days.

I think they are overcharging s***loads for these old games, there is no way they are worth $15+ these days, $5-10 is the most. Is it that hard to make it a higher res and add some smooth edges?
Posted 04:04pm 14/10/10
Where's Jet Set Radio?
Steve Farrelly
Posted 04:19pm 14/10/10
I want Rare to release Jet Force Gemini - I'd play the s*** out of that
Posted 04:23pm 14/10/10
JFG was a pretty fun game
Posted 07:02pm 14/10/10
I heard these versions dont have the offspring doing the soundtrack or the appearance of KFC, Levis jeans etc due to licencing

can anyone confirm ?
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