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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 05:08pm 13/10/10 | 3 Comments
Firaxis' Jon Shafer recently made a post over at the Quarter to Three forums regarding the next patch for Civilization V.
There are several things which we are looking at improving with Civ 5. Most of my time since getting back has been spent working on the interface, particularly with making more information accessible. These changes will go out with the next big update in a few weeks. The plan is also to make major revisions to the diplomacy system, and while I can't talk about the details yet, I think you all will find them an improvement. That will be added with an update later this year. Also included will be a number of AI upgrades.
Despite pricing issues here in Australia, AusGamers was thoroughly impressed with Civilization V, coring it a 9.2/10.

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Posted 05:16pm 13/10/10
The link is one page off for me, comment is on page 122

AI and diplomacy is definitely where this iteration fell short, so it's good to hear.
Posted 01:49pm 14/10/10
Yep, liberal exploitation of diplo and AI shortcomings makes a deity level game fairly achievable.
Posted 04:52pm 14/10/10
It wasn't so much that it was manipulable, just that it wasn't fun. Everybody was just a smiling enemy until they could be your enemy, I want friends and enemies in my civ stories... Plus I miss gifting them tech to play them off against each other and keeping everybody relatively equal.
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