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Post by Dan @ 04:05pm 13/10/10 | 16 Comments
Icefrog, famed developer of the original Defense of the Ancients (DoTA) map/mod who now works at Valve Software, has revealed on his playdota blog that we should expect the first details tomorrow on what he's been working on for the past year.
Hey guys, Game Informer dropped by the office last week to take a look at what I've been working on with the rest of the team over the last year.

They are going to post an article about it tomorrow on their website. I'll give you guys a link to it as soon as it is published.

Looking forward to seeing what you guys think!
It has been speculated that secret project will be some form of DoTA clone, fueled by the recent trademark dispute over the "DOTA" name with Riot Games, who's League of Legends uses the same game mechanic.

It will be interesting to see what shakes out. On a related note, the DoTA formula sure seems to catalyse all the worst aspects of a gaming community - Could a Steam-bound DoTA community potentially be even more toxic than what we've seen in League of Legends and Heroes of Newerth?

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Latest Comments
Posted 04:10pm 13/10/10
People on HoN don't seem very nice. :< I learnt after that free week.
Tim Tibbetts
Posted 04:17pm 13/10/10
If this is just a DOTA clone with a bit more I flash I will be disappointed. I find those games are getting pretty stale. I hope that Valve has added some value to this arrangement and we see something different.

That being said I am looking forward to this announcement.
Posted 04:28pm 13/10/10
I thought that guy was the third or fourth dev to maintain the project, not the creator?
Tim Tibbetts
Posted 04:31pm 13/10/10
The creator went over to LOL. This is IceFrog he was maintaining it towards the end, IMO when it was at it's best.
Posted 04:32pm 13/10/10
Cheers for the correction guys, fixed that up.
Posted 04:35pm 13/10/10
Yep definately not the creator just current maintainer.
Posted 04:45pm 13/10/10
It will be DoTA but with hats.
Posted 04:49pm 13/10/10
Icefrog is a balance god. Seriously, whatever he does, it'll be amazingly balanced.
Posted 05:49pm 13/10/10
More competition can only be good for us... so I for one welcome it
Posted 06:07pm 13/10/10
Guinsoo people.
Posted 06:38pm 13/10/10
I don't get this game. And some asians at school going round yelling "HoN" with their hand up like a dictator. They used to play DotA and would go around school yelling "DOTAAAAH"
Posted 08:41pm 13/10/10
Dear god. A DotA on steam. Too much hats and too much pubescent f****.
Posted 08:54am 14/10/10
And it's Dota2...why the hell would they make another dota. IT'S ALREADY F*****G BLOATED!
Posted 09:38am 14/10/10 is the announcement - I can't load the page yet though.
Tim Tibbetts
Posted 09:49am 14/10/10
Basically it's DOTA in a new engine. Isn't that HON? This is rather dull.
Posted 10:06am 14/10/10
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