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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 03:58pm 11/10/10 | 3 Comments
Another X-Men gaming-related announcement made its way out the New York Comic Con, with Marvel and Konami announcing the 1992 side-scrolling classic, X-Men, would be making its way to both the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade and would feature full online and local drop-in, drop-out co-op. Along with this will be the ability to make your own custom match-ups.

Not much else is going to change though, with the game retaining its original six-member cast of Cyclops, Wolverine, Colossus, Nightcrawler, Storm and Dazzler. No other details were on offer, specifically in pricing or delivery so there's no clue as to when we'll see X-Men Arcade as it's now known, but my guess is if not later this year, early next.

Anyone else have fond memories of playing this one?

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Posted 04:03pm 11/10/10
Sadly most of these classic arcade games were designed to be coin eaters (TMNT game anyone?), and there console ports (if they had one) didnt bother getting tailored to make them easier/more enjoyable.

I remember playing it briefly at an arcade and i remember being frustrated that cyclops was far more usefull then wolverine.

To this day the only decent game featuring x-men characters is the marvel vs capcom franchise.
Posted 08:32pm 11/10/10
I remember throwing countless 20 cent coins into this game down at the local lolly/convenience store when I was like 10.

I think like most things, playing it again will probably ruin my childhood memories of it.
Much like playing Mario Cart on my mates Nintendo64 the other night, I don't care how drunk I was it didnt live up to my memory of it.
Posted 10:33pm 11/10/10
ahh back when sega world was awesome and u could play metal slug all day for free
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