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Post by Dan @ 10:30am 11/10/10 | 8 Comments
Sony Pictures have formally announced that David O. Russel (I Heart Huckabees, Three Kings, Spanking the Monkey) will be both writing and directing the film based on Sony and Naughty Dog's critically acclaimed video game franchise.

The Uncharted games follow the story of Nate Drake, a descendant of explorer Sir Francis Drake who goes in search of treasures in mythical lands like Eldorado and Shangri-La - Indiana Jones/Romancing the Stone style adventures that seem like a no-brainer for film adaptation so it's good to see some proven-talent attached.

No other names appear to be signed on to the project yet, but fans of the game are no doubt concocting their wishlists of actors to play Nate , Sully and Elana. Maybe some of the games' voice talent might get a crack at it (particulary Emily Rose as Elana and Claudia Black as Chloe).


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Posted 10:45am 11/10/10
would love to see joe flanigan (from stargate altantis) as drake. however he's probably too old at 43.
Posted 10:50am 11/10/10
Nolan North is a ridiculously accomplished voice-actor (dozens of major characters in AAA games) but I doubt he could pull off a lead role like that, have only seen him in little bit part TV roles. I'd like to see Nathan Fillion or maybe James Franco as Nate. Ryan Reynolds would have worked too if he wasn't stretched so thin across so many other action characters.
Posted 10:56am 11/10/10
Nathan Fillion would be great...he'd need to drop a few kegs though...have you seen Castle?
Posted 04:47pm 11/10/10
Just recently finished watching all of Firefly (a bit late D:) and I'd have to agree with Deemsee!
Posted 03:48pm 12/10/10
impressive choice for director... I was expecting someone like uwe boll.

Definately think Claudia black deserves a go.
Posted 04:24pm 12/10/10
Definately think Claudia black deserves a go.

That's if Chloe is even in the film.

I also would love to see Nathan Fillion in the role, but yeah, he'd need to lose some weight. He's not the man he was in Firefly.

Though, it'd be cool if they could use the original voice actors. They all look pretty close to the characters they play, and hearing recognisable voices would be a nice touch too.
Posted 04:28pm 12/10/10
considering chloe is only in the second game, i think its pretty safe to say she wont be in the first movie.
Posted 04:31pm 12/10/10
spanking the monkey was one of the least enjoyable moofie experiences ive ever had
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