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Post by Dan @ 10:01am 11/10/10 | 7 Comments
Celebrating Bejewled's 10th anniversary and calendar date 10/10/10 (hey, it was yesterday guys!), PopCap games are offering up the PC and Mac versions of Bejewled 2 for free.

Ordinarily US$20, PC and Mac users can head over to the official popcap site and follow the banner for free bewjeweled loving. Get in quick if you want it, as the offer ends at 10pm PST (4pm Monday 11th Oct 2010: ADST or 5pm: AEST).

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Latest Comments
Posted 10:48am 11/10/10
Sweet, I know what I'm doing for the rest of the day!
Posted 10:57am 11/10/10
Their site is getting hammered, so sloooooow :/
Posted 11:49am 11/10/10
Curse you Dan, there goes my free time...

Thanks for the link though! :D
Posted 12:05pm 11/10/10
I know, I've played this all morning :D
Posted 01:21pm 11/10/10
Apple Store version (for ipad,iphone and ipod touch) is also down to $1.19 for a limited time.

Posted 01:46pm 11/10/10
It doesn't have a Blitz mode and using the mouse is dongs.
Posted 03:32pm 11/10/10
Bejewelled Blitz is also celebrating many10's day by offering a free x2 booster for every game. Unfortunately it's only on the Facebook linked game, and not the new blitz client. So, time to crank out those 500K+ scores!
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