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Post by Dan @ 12:29pm 07/10/10 | 13 Comments
It's been a while since we heard any rumblings about a Halo movie, the prospect of which seemed pretty much dead in the water after Fox and Universal's disagreements had all but crumbled the concept -- despite at one point having Peter Jackson and Neil Blomkamp attached the project.

Well the wheels appear to be in motion once again, with Stephen Spielberg's Dreamworks Pictures now reportedly renewing efforts to obtain the rights and bring a Halo movie to fruition.

Movie news site Vulture have a great article re-capping the story-so-far of Halo's attempts at the silver-screen and explain that Dreamworks appears to be setting its sights on adapting the Halo novels to film, trying to steer clear of Fox and Universal's legal minefield of the video-game adaptation rights.

It's not surprising that film studios are still strongly interested in the Halo franchise, as the latest addition to the series Halo: Reach has already become the year's biggest-selling game. The narratives of the books appear to mirror and retain continuity with the games so it would seem likely that a movie adaptation of those would produce the same result as it would from the games anyway. What do you guys think?


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Posted 12:39pm 07/10/10
Will Spielberg replace all the guns with walkie talkies?
Posted 12:48pm 07/10/10
I wish they'd just make the f***en movie.
Posted 01:41pm 07/10/10
hmm live action or animated movie? dreamworks makes some bloody good animated movies.
Posted 01:51pm 07/10/10
Don't you mean "mirror and retain continuity to the GAMES"? Also missing a "to" in the first paragraph.

Back on topic, I'm actually happier for the film to be based on anything else but the games. It gives fans who have not read the books to experience those storylines.
Posted 05:01pm 07/10/10
I think halo is gay.
Posted 06:03pm 07/10/10
haters be hatin'
Posted 06:52pm 07/10/10
Halo: Reach has gone off of the story line of the books so it doesnt really matter what story they use now.
Posted 08:14pm 07/10/10
Halo: Reach has gone off of the story line of the books

That's true. The question is: Which particular part of the Halo universe will they focus on?

Reach actually looking better then the Master Chief storyline imo.
Posted 08:49pm 07/10/10
I haven't played Reach but the Combat Evolved "discovery" story (and whatever book version they might use) would be really cool.
Posted 10:05pm 07/10/10
Console shooter are the gayness ..... hopes the movie (if it ever eventuates) doesnt catch the gayness !!

Bring HALO Reach to the PC ... Home of FPS.
Posted 11:07pm 07/10/10
Will Spielberg replace all the guns with walkie talkies?

Someone get me his non-unionized Mexican equivalent!
Mr Burns
Posted 01:46am 08/10/10
So, mister Spielbergo.
Posted 01:54am 08/10/10
I hated on halo but reach was pretty good
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