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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 05:00pm 05/10/10 | 21 Comments
AusGamers' resident sports game reviewer, Amos Hong (aka "Mossy") recently got behind his racing wheel to get into the virtual cockpit of the official Formula One game, F1 2010.
The difficulty settings are varied enough that everyone can get behind a wheel and drive. On the easiest setting, the game helps you out in nearly every aspect of driving, while on the hardest setting you’re left to your own devices. The game also includes the Flashback option, for those who’d like to rewind and redo a certain corner. A much appreciated feature, for the occasion when you crash out on the last lap while leading.
So racing game fans wanting an AusGamers verdict on the latest F1 2010 can check it out below.

Click here for the full review.

f1 2010reviewmark webber
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Latest Comments
Posted 05:02pm 05/10/10
So he gave it a decent score, despite the huge issues the game apparently has?
Posted 05:05pm 05/10/10
No mention at all that the AI cars aren't actually racing and that it's all fake?
Posted 05:14pm 05/10/10
also difficulty settings are NOT varied enough for those that want realism and correct driving physics
Posted 05:26pm 05/10/10
The AI and other bugs completely ruin what could and should have been a great game.

I have done 3 full distance races now and in each one at least 5 cars never pitted and therefore should have been disqualified, but of course never were.

not to mention the plethora of other bugs. The game is simply broken :(
Posted 05:56pm 05/10/10
very broken. How can you release a quasi racing sim where the other car's dont actually race. Very disappointing. Played it a bit but got over it pretty quick. Better off with rfactor i think.
Posted 06:06pm 05/10/10
You can't let things like excessive bugs or over-pricing get in the way of a good review.
Posted 06:09pm 05/10/10
Posted 06:10pm 05/10/10
Review doesn't mention any of the bugs in this horrid game?

4/10 for graphics....
Posted 06:44pm 05/10/10
The only conclusion I can come to is the reviewer barely played the game. What a terrible review. It basically said nothing about the game.
Posted 06:45pm 05/10/10
i'm pretty sure i've never seen a review score below 7
Posted 06:46pm 05/10/10
game rocks, haters gonna hate
Posted 11:18pm 05/10/10
I got like 5 races left in my 1st season, loving it, I know the timing boards for qualifying are not actual times set by the cars but they have not seemed broken once. I have not yet done a full length race (and prob wont ever) but for shortened races I can't say Ive seen an AI car not pit.

i'm pretty sure i've never seen a review score below 7

Didn't someone say this a while back and then Steve was like linky link; shut the f*** up?
Posted 11:37pm 06/10/10
Im not sure what you cry babies expect from a codemasters car game, Sim....? LOL come on all there games are kaka. As far as the physics get the PC version there are many mods out for that already. Most of the reviews on here are no accurate so that nothing new.
Posted 08:36am 07/10/10
oh sorry trauma, maybe once or twice
Posted 08:12pm 07/10/10
Bunch of cry babies indeed. It seems the only reason you guys play games is to have a good old b**** about them, FUN!!
Posted 09:40pm 07/10/10
So... two people using their real names come in to a Steve Farrelly thread to defend a review. If Steve had done the review I'd be really suss.
Posted 09:58pm 07/10/10
F***** randoms...
Posted 10:38am 03/11/10
patch out now. Game is fun as. Needs more sim tho.
Posted 12:33pm 06/11/10
Went and bought this last night, got around to playing it just a little while ago this morning. Massive fail. Live is completely broken, can't sign in to an account, can't download the live update, all the links from within the game to the Live website are broken - all this means I can't use career mode or do anything that's not basic.

Edit: And after manually installing the Live games update and 1.01 patch, now it can't download my profile - reckons it can't connect to Live.

last edited by Raven at 12:33:23 06/Nov/10
Posted 04:30pm 06/11/10
Okay, so how many seconds a lap are each of the difficulty levels worth?
I did the firswt two races on Easy, and I was doing 2:00s to the AIs 2:08s and 1:33s to the AIs 1:36s at Melbourne.
Then on Medium I was doing 1:58s to their 2:01s, and 1:28s to their 1:32s.
How many seconds would Hard give them?
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