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Post by Dan @ 12:29pm 04/10/10 | 11 Comments
The indie dev crew at Unknown Worlds continue to feed out tidbits of information about the hotly anticipated FPS sequel Natural Selection 2, the latest reveal being a tool no self-respecting space marine should be without, the flamethrower.
Currently there is no secondary fire implemented for the Flamethrower, though we have several ideas kicking around that we’d like to experiment with. One very useful gameplay aspect of the flamethrower, however, is that it can be used to clear rooms of Dynamic Infestation. It’s likely that the flamethrower will be the only item in the Marines’ arsenal capable of this, making it extremely necessary for pushing back the alien advance.

When faced with a raging inferno of fiery destruction the aliens will be cheered to see their fat firemen friends racing to the rescue - Gorges will be able to put out fires using their heal spray.
Check out the embedded video below or hit up the official site for more specifics.

Natural Selection 2 is currently in the alpha testing stage and a release date is still yet to be announced.

natural selection 2alpha
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Latest Comments
Posted 02:10pm 04/10/10
For those of you that havent seen the dynamic infestation technology video here it is

Max has single handedly developed the NS2 engine. He is known around the game engine circles as being a young john carmack - in that he is brilliant and his work on 3d graphics is pioneering.

Here is his unknown worlds blog on the technology

But if your curious about how it's done check out his personal blog

Specifically - http://www.m4x0r.com/blog/2010/05/blending-terrain-textures/

Where he outlines that this is acheived using very nice texture blending + heightmap techniques (IIRC).

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Posted 03:17pm 04/10/10

Max has single handedly developed the NS2 engine. He is known around the game engine circles as being a young john carmack - in that he is brilliant and his work on 3d graphics is pioneering.
The game engine circles? Its hard to believe someone can fit so much bulls*** in their mouth at one time.
Posted 03:36pm 04/10/10
What? Why are you so angry dude?

(FYI: That dynamic infestation will work on ANY map, it doesnt need the mapper to do anything to make it work either. It's fully dynamic! Cool eh!)

I cant find it right now (dont have the time) but there is a website demonstrating a new engine technology for rendering dynamic lighting. The website demonstrates the lighting using the Onos model from NS2.

There was some discussion on the forum if Max had helped them with it or if Max had managed to get that lighting working in NS2, i'm still not sure what it ended up being, some of the game devs that are on the NS2 boards thought it's the lighting technique that Max has used in NS2. Really quite amazing.

He also made all the dev tools, which if you haven't seen... is a complete package and freely available to all the community. A level editor, model editor, texture editor, particle editor etc

The engine is actually called 'spark' btw - quite a cool name!

I'll try and find the link tonight and post it here, its a great watch.

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Posted 04:11pm 04/10/10
The guy obviously has some mad skills, but really, could you BE a bigger fanboy :P
Posted 07:07pm 04/10/10
With the alpha in a unplayable state, all thats left to do is hang around, read stuff and try and find as many places to stalk the devs to get inside info on whats coming as possible ;)
Posted 07:20pm 04/10/10
I'm surprised you're not standing outside the dev's window masturbating right now.

Waiting for the big patch due sometime in the next couple of months.
Posted 08:28pm 04/10/10
With sc2 being totally awesome I am quite happy waiting for this game now. Before sc2 I was getting frustrated a bit.
Posted 08:31pm 04/10/10
I hear Notch is putting dynamic infestation into Minecraft and will have a working NS2 mod out before Unknown Worlds goes gold.
Posted 08:50pm 04/10/10
lol most probably Daz
Posted 10:44pm 04/10/10
What's up with the stupid hive tentacles?
Posted 11:35pm 04/10/10
Dynamic infestation
By Max, December 1, 2006

Wow breaking news!
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