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Post by Dan @ 09:32am 04/10/10 | 6 Comments
As the Duke hype starts to swell again with what looks like the release of the long-elusive Duke Nukem Forever actually becoming a reality, the publishers of the Duke Nukem 3D iPhone port have seen fit to offer it for free for a day.

Duke Nukem 3D for iPhone is a complete port of the original 1996 PC hit first person shooter and although the controls really don't translate very well to small touchscreen play, who really cares if it's free? It's portable Duke 3D!

iPhone/iPad owners can grab it from the App Store today before it goes back up to US$2.99 (heh).

duke nukem 3diphonefree

Latest Comments
Posted 09:35am 04/10/10
bad controls are bad
Posted 09:40am 04/10/10
Yeah, I think the way Epic have done Citadel is the only real way you can get FPS game working on a touch screen. The only other ones that really work are on-rail shooters (Doom Resurrection etc), and they're all pretty boring .

Still, if you can get the hang of it, it's 20+ hours of Duke on your phone.
Posted 09:41am 04/10/10
Very true
Posted 10:35am 04/10/10
Dloaded it, was rubbish. Also couldn't work out how to get past the first street.
Posted 11:47pm 04/10/10
good looking port just the controls are crap
Posted 08:36am 11/10/10
is $1.19 now.
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