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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 11:37am 01/10/10 | 5 Comments
BioWare have revealed they'll be bundling together Dragon Age: Origins, Awakening and all content add-ons in a single retail bundle on October 26.

The Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Edition will be released for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 for one low price (not sure about Australia yet). And the BioWare Ultimate Edition page claims there's more than US$114 worth of content which I presume would amount to a lot any other time than right now, where our exchange rate to the US is practically 1:1 - so here's hoping we don't get shafted on this.

Dragon Age 2 is due for release next year, so now could be a good time to prepare yourself.

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Latest Comments
Posted 03:27pm 01/10/10
"... where our exchange rate to the US is practically 1:1 - so here's hoping we don't get shafted on this."

Hah, that's a good one :)

It's precisely *because* our dollar is so strong that they've been pushing high regional pricing for us lately. There hasn't been a justifyable reason for charging the $89-99 RRP on Oz titles (which is now ~$37US over the American RRP!) for years now.
Posted 04:14pm 01/10/10
Just get it over direct2disc or something if that's the case.
Posted 08:12pm 01/10/10
Well I'm sure EA will shaft us on pricing on Steam
I see Fallout:New Vegas just went up for us there from $49.95 to $89.95USD.
Thanks 2K Games & Bethesda for that one, you guys are too kind :(
Posted 10:13am 02/10/10
@Crakaveli I think you're referring to Direct2Drive? That site, like pretty much all digital distributors now, blocks Australian IPs. Ones that don't only offer regionalised prices.
Posted 09:19pm 02/10/10
Would like this game but I won't buy it. I will never buy a game that costs more for me simply because I live in Australia. Certainly I could buy it from overseas, but that is the reason they are fine with upping the price here; they get more money off the suckers and know that at worst the savvy gamers will just buy it from overseas. If you still buy it from overseas, they have nothing to lose by increasing the pricing here. So I will continue to boycott any games that are overpriced over here (overpriced on Steam that is, our brick & mortar retailers are all money-hungry douches that will up the price themselves anyway).
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