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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 10:52am 01/10/10 | 9 Comments
It turns out Minecraft has become something of a phenomenon. According to, the little sandbox building zombie game that could, did; netting the game's creator and only developer at the moment, Markus 'Notch' Persson, some US$350,000 a day. That's more than $3.5 million overall with some 278,772 copies sold in the Alpha dev stage alone.

The report says he'd been in meetings with both Valve and Bungie, but has not announced any new partnerships, instead opting to invest his hefty cash-reserve into creating his own dev studio.

"Most my time these days is taken up by meetings and lawyers, accountants, banks, potential partners, potential employees, and the occasional interview," he wrote on his blog. "All this non-development work will result in a much nicer working environment, with talented people helping out with development, an actual office, and a much better way to deal with support issues, bug reports and feature requests."

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Posted 10:59am 01/10/10
Striking out on your own, despite what I assume were legitimate offers from both Bungie and Valve is pretty ballsy.

There's no question about his talent and ability, but one will always question what Valve would of done with Notch and his baby.
Posted 11:00am 01/10/10
or how quickly vavle pump out a title thats pretty much the same but prettier
Steve Farrelly
Posted 11:02am 01/10/10
I wonder if Bungie had gotten in, how much of a hand Acti would have ended up having in it given their recent deal, or maybe they just wanted to hire him for his leet skillz
Posted 11:06am 01/10/10
It's staggering to think how many people have picked it up and at the rate they have. Well staggering until you actually play it, the gameplay presses a very simple button and it's really a basic hook he has gone for.

I mean who doesn't want to build s*** :) There's also the mining aspect, never knowing where that diamond vein is. Bloody genius really.
Posted 11:23am 01/10/10
i read that he turned down valves offer because hes engaged and doesnt want to relocate to the US.
Posted 11:24am 01/10/10
poor diddums

vavle: heres a few million move over here for an awesome job

guy: nah im goin to stay here with my misses, she works at the local fish and chip shop
Posted 11:32am 01/10/10
Not to knock his efforts because its certainly a fun game, but from a technical point of view his game does not appear overly complicated. I bet Valve, for example, could easily clone it in 3-6 months if they felt like it.
Posted 03:22pm 01/10/10
poor diddums

vavle: heres a few million move over here for an awesome job

guy: nah im goin to stay here with my misses, she works at the local fish and chip shop
how f***en retarded are you? He turned them down because hes making more money than valve would pay him and he can do it staying where hes happiest...
Posted 03:38pm 01/10/10
yeah I don't really see what valve could offer him at this point, he could make zero money on it from now on and be set for life.
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