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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 02:57pm 30/09/10 | 5 Comments
Further to yesterday's reveal of all things Nintendo 3DS (including that we'd be seeing it here in Australia in March, equally confirmed to me today by Nintendo - no date though), Nintendo have released a trailer showcasing all the current games scheduled to release on their powerful new handheld.

A lot of these we already knew about, but a few surprises have snuck in here too including the likes of Dead or Alive, Super Monkey Ball, Pilot Wings, Mario Kart, Chocobo Racing and more. Of course, for my money, the biggest and best reveal here comes in the form of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (probably my favourite game of all time), so I'm stoked.

Watch it embedded below or click here to download.

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Posted 03:31pm 30/9/10
Nice to see another handheld Mario Kart game on it's way, just wish they would do DLC for games like this and put out new tracks every once in a while to keep things fresh. I'm kinda hoping they do to this handheld version of OoT what they did for Mario64 on the DS and add a bit of new content. As much as I loved the original Mario64, the additions on the DS version made it feel like a much more well rounded game.

Any word on what the point of that dock is? The standard charger cable always seemed fine to me though if they wanted to improve things out of the box, the option of charging via usb would be handy though there is plenty of 3rd party options around that cater for this.
Posted 03:37pm 30/9/10
oh man, I can't believe I'm this excited for a handheld. Last time I was this pumped for a handheld was when I got a Pocket Gameboy for christmas.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 03:53pm 30/9/10
yeah, and the thing is, there's just no way to convey the 3D to you guys, it's something you just have to experience for yourself, but half of these games are awesome on their own, let alone in 3D. I lost all faith in Nintendo up until this point - I'm actually mega excited
Posted 03:55pm 30/9/10
I'm pretty keen to see how this looks IRL. In fact it's a great device to market, because you really need to get a hold of one before you can see how effective it is.
Posted 06:15pm 30/9/10
F*** I want this thing so bad. Street Fighter, Resident Evil and Metal Gear Solid all look f*****g amazing.

It's great that it has what looks like one of those wireless charging docks too. I was really hoping it'd be out this year. :(
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