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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 11:25am 28/09/10 | 19 Comments
Civilization 5 might be causing a commercial stir in Australia with issues around pricing and region locking, but internally there have been a few problems as well; problems that Fireaxis have addressed in the game's first update.

Here's a run-down:
  • Modding - Installer and permissions fixes. Should address any remaining mod download and install issues.
  • Full screen crash fix. Game will now restart in Windowed mode if it cannot find a suitable full-screen resolution on first start.
  • Hall of Fame now records data correctly when using a Windows username with special characters.
  • Fix for Puppet State production exploit.
  • Misc crash fixes.
So if you were one of the people out there dealing with bugs, crashes and the like, be sure to fire it up again.

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Posted 12:51pm 28/9/10
Bugs/glitches and poor performance but no crashes.

The most annoying thing so far is when a unit becomes active but for some reason the game wants to center on your capital.

No, that's the 2nd most annoying thing, the most annoying thing happens at the start when you can't completely skip the intro movie... oh and the start screen letting you create a shortcut to your preference of Dx9 or Dx11 but the shortcut not skipping you past the choice, you still have to select which one you want.

Games seem to take FOREVER - I guess it's because all the city states are having their turns. I've had to turn most things to medium so my turns run ok, but that hasn't significantly sped up the game thanks to the citystate's turns.
Posted 12:58pm 28/9/10
You can disable the intro movie in My Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 5\UserSettings.ini by setting SkipIntroVideo to 1.

Still takes a while to load, but seems to be faster and is much less annoying (since you don't have to keep key mashing to see if it will let you escape yet).

Seems the game always crashes for me if I try to load a save while playing, but I think that's memory limit related. I've always felt firaxis makes playable and great games, but their optimisation seems to be atrocious. There really is nothing going on live in that game that should make scrolling around a big map so susceptible to massive jerkiness. Needs less arraylists and moar quadtrees.
Posted 01:01pm 28/9/10
The game is loading behind the intro movie, just press escape once and it'll skip once it's fully loaded.

Only bug I've seen is one city was building stonehenge in the water.

Also what region locking? I bought the game from steam uk for 29gbp with no problems at all.
Posted 01:08pm 28/9/10
I heard several times that people who imported were having problems due to region locking, so just ended up paying the special australian price. bah.

Intro movie problem seemed to require mashing from me.
Posted 01:20pm 28/9/10
must only be an issue for boxed copies?
Posted 07:10pm 28/9/10
Is anyone else finding this game to be incredibly easy?

The AI can't use its units very strategically at all. I fended off the entire early game aztec army of about 7 units with 1 city and an archer and eventually a horseman. Then he had nothing left and I took his capital with the same. :/

Also, the AI doesn't seem to take opportunistic moments. I leave my cities unguarded next to bordering, angry AI cities and they pile a mass of units on the border but don't declare war when they have a massive advantage.

I hope future patches dramatically increase the A.I.

Posted 08:45pm 28/9/10
how do i get the update? is it
Posted 09:01pm 28/9/10
Your sure your difficulty level isn't just low Tollaz0r? I haven't played it much but reviews have complained about the AI being overly aggressive.

Should be automatic through steam natslovR.
Posted 09:18pm 28/9/10
Playing on prince it's pretty easy, nothing too eventful, got to about 1990 and just decided to start destroying my neighbours, tanks vs spearmen is always fun.

Other than that, i really have nfi how i should be playing, always played older civs with building a city every 5 tiles (or whatever so every tile is covered) and building every city improvement i could, that doesn't seem like it will be the way to do things on harder difficulties. Seems like early on you have to decide how you are going to be playing, expansionist, culture etc because some avenues will be cut off late game if you play a certain way early on.

Also, if you are building a wonder and someone beats you to it, all that production is gone? Because in older civs you could switch to something else and use the accumulated shields, doesn't seem to work like that in this one.
Posted 09:20pm 28/9/10
Is anyone else finding this game to be incredibly easy?
Try level 4 - Prince I think it's called.
Keep moving up if your finding that too easy. 8 - Deity is a bloody nightmare.

Other things - remove barbarians & remove ruins. Barbs are retardedly annoying and ruins are just so cheaty. Ran over a couple and I already had some Immortals when I was 5 turns in the game.
Posted 10:12pm 28/9/10
I'm playing on prince for my first game, pretty much on cruise control doing a heap of things i know i probably shouldn't be, and no one has attacked me, one city has something like 20 wonders or something stupid... but yeah, i'll up the difficulty next time.
Posted 10:18pm 28/9/10
Also, if you are building a wonder and someone beats you to it, all that production is gone? Because in older civs you could switch to something else and use the accumulated shields, doesn't seem to work like that in this one.

The used production goes back into the city, so you can use it on anything else.

my first game has been pretty easy, crushed persia easily

greece put up a big fight, but then gave me peace terms with huge benefits to me, a city, gold heaps of stuff. As soon as the treaty ended I crushed them :P

there was an island on the map with 3 city states on it, i declared war on one, and the other 2 instantly rallied to the first :(
Posted 10:32pm 28/9/10
Failed wonders are converted to gold

Whatever level the default is for someone that's played civ before is just too easy, so will up it for next round. The combat is much more fun, and i like it that strategic resources only let you build a certain number of units.

The city states can be a bit annoying. Whenever one asked me to deal with another I would, and it made the ones that weren't allied to me annoyed with me, so watch for that.

The researching social thing is going to be interesting too.

I don't like that you can just embark units instead of having to load them on to a boat. I know they are weak when embarked but still.
Posted 06:06am 29/9/10
I love embarking, finding the city states way too gimmicky and will probably turn them down to about 4 or 5 per map in the future.
Posted 06:54am 29/9/10
My current game is on King setting and I've totally crushed the continent I am on. The AI had superior units and numbers, however it just didn't know how to use them and wasn't aware of screamingly obvious weak points in my civilization, plenty of unprotected cities. Once you defeat the first wave of units from the AI it has almost nothing left, you can just march across the continent and start taking cities at your leisure.
Also, because of this and the bonuses the AI gets on harder difficulty you end up taking these large cities with heaps of wonders, quickly accelerating the ease of the game.

Also I quickly discovered that it is a pretty big waste of time trying to keep your civ happy. You are heaps better off diverting the resources used in building happy stuff to building anything else.

There seems to be some balance issues and the AI realllly needs to be made smarter, particularly in military matters.
Posted 07:23am 29/9/10
the AI was busy attacking a city state, it asked for my intervention, I intervened and took one city and was moving on its capital. It continued to pummel the city state instead of running back to defend its main body. I then easily took the capital while some of its troops stood around and watched.

I'll try another game on harder soon. Hopefully they fix things because this is a game that's meant to be awesome single player, I shouldn't have to rely on multiplayer for a challenging game.
Posted 09:04am 29/9/10
i reckon happiness can be exploited. if you go permanent military you don't really need to care about happiness. there is no difference between -1 happiness -50 happiness. just grow by conquering your neighbours + spam trading posts + sell all your luxury resources and use all your monies to maintain a huge army.

best civ == greece. city state bonus + companion cavalry == ownage.

EDIT: damn. someone thought of it already.

last edited by hast at 09:04:23 29/Sep/10
Posted 10:08am 29/9/10
this is so much better than civ 4, graphics are awesome and i love how there isnt 1mil tropps running around.

props to skidrow :P
Posted 02:49pm 29/9/10
Failed wonders are converted to gold
Ah thanks, didn't notice the game tell me that, just said someone else built the wonder and told me to choose what to build next.
Also I quickly discovered that it is a pretty big waste of time trying to keep your civ happy. You are heaps better off diverting the resources used in building happy stuff to building anything else.
I don't know, golden ages are pretty sweet (accumulated excess happiness), they make me an extra 200 gold or so a turn late game, takes a while to accumulate that though, not sure if the cost/benefit ratio is a positive though, as that extra 75 smiley faces a turn was probably costing me 75 gold a turn minimum in buildings.
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