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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 09:44am 27/09/10 | 17 Comments
Ahead of Blizzard's annual event, news has arisen that we won't be seeing the next chapter in the StarCraft II saga, Heart of the Swarm, in any capacity. So that means no gameplay, no reveals, not even a trailer.

This has come to light through the game's production manager, Chris Sigaty and leaves us wondering what else the show will have in store.

Of course, as we've been mumbling, AusGamers will be at the event to bring you the latest from the show floor, and speculation sees massive details regarding Diablo III as the key focus along with the next World of WarCraft expansion, Cataclysm.

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Posted 09:46am 27/9/10
10$ says it some s*** wow expansion
Posted 09:51am 27/9/10
Diablo 3. What else are they working on? We got cata which is due to release soon (apparantly in november), so it won't be that. SC2 part 2 is way to soon for them so its now not that either. All that's left is D3.

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Posted 09:58am 27/9/10
Diablo 3. What else are they working on?

There's that lingering, unannounced project...
Posted 10:25am 27/9/10
ep 3 maybe?

pls be D3 pls be D3 pls be D3
Tim Tibbetts
Posted 10:25am 27/9/10
Yes, I wouldn't mind hearing about the new MMO they're making. It's been a few yeras now since that was announced...well, announced in the sense that they said they were making a new MMO.
Posted 11:37am 27/9/10
Bummed that there's no HotS stuff to see, but I'm still stoked to be going! :D
Posted 11:50am 27/9/10
It'll be Cataclysm and Diablo 3, no doubt. The unannounced will remain that way until after Cataclysm has sold its millions and Diablo 3 is due some more info to be released. Maybe even a tentative release date! (pfft, fat chance).
Posted 12:52pm 27/9/10
yeah, cat and diablo3. Looking forward to seeing some more gameplay or something of diablo.
Posted 01:25pm 27/9/10
There will be the diablo 3 class reveal for the last class. A bunch of the usual WoW stuff, hopefully some info about their first planned cata patch.

But I was assuming there would be starcraft 2 infoz. And since there isn't, I'm just praying it's their unannounced MMO.
Posted 01:33pm 27/9/10
f*** me they must be making some money from WOW
Posted 02:18pm 27/9/10
I doubt they'll be spending a whole lot of time on cata, since it'll be out like a week after Blizzcon (assuming they stick to their date), there probably wont be a lot of anything new they can show people at this stage.

I'm really hoping we hear about their next-gen MMO too, thats really the other big project they have on the burner, and they usually headline Blizzcon with some kind of big announcement. Theres not much else they could announce, we already know about Diablo 3.
Posted 06:43pm 27/9/10
It will be the new MMO. Supposedly their is 2 more expansions left on WoW, but I can't see them going after Cataclysm. It's getting to the point with the engine, that they are needing to just re-write it.
Posted 06:52pm 27/9/10
they will probably announce a release date for like d3 like 2014 LOL, no but seriously i wouldn't be suprised if it is 2012+
Posted 05:13pm 28/9/10
f*** me they must be making some money from WOW

Yeh I re-subscribed the other day. FML.
Posted 05:15pm 28/9/10
f*** your life indeed
Posted 05:15pm 28/9/10
Indeed. F*** it. Hard. Dirty.

Err, brb.
Posted 05:42pm 28/9/10
Yeeeeah, I really wouldn't be surprised if they announce something new altogether, like the new MMO. My feelings Diablo 3-wise are mixed. I'm really not sure at this stage whether they've actually got much to talk about at all, the D3 scene's been pretty quiet for a while now and when you've got videos like this one:

Even if it IS a year or so old, it's still not that inspiring. You sort of get the impression they've been a bit preoccupied with SC2 which is probably fair enough (but even then, wtf, massive, massive budgets, money pouring through the doors, wouldn't they just hire another team and get on with it? wtf?), I just hope they turn themselves back to Diablo 3 and go full steam ahead till they're satisfied and have a release because at the moment, I remain highly, highly doubtful.

Awaits to be seen :S
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