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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 11:47am 24/09/10 | 0 Comments
Adding to my mounting pile of evidence the 3DS is actually just around the corner, Capcom's Yoshinori has stated in an interview with Revogamers, regarding what the 3DS version of SSFIV holds over its console counterparts, that "[you'll] probably have to wait about a month and a half" for full disclosure. The interview was conducted in August, so that *pretty much* puts his statement in line with Nintendo's forthcoming press conference at the end of the month.

Interestingly though, is Yoshinoro pretty much backs up claims regarding the power of the 3DS stating that "if the consumer's desire is to have something that you can play on 360 or PS3 he can turn the 3D off, and it just basically [becomes] Super Street Fighter 4 on your handheld console".

Adding "we're going to port Super Street Fighter 4 from HD consoles to a handheld and when you play the portable version it won't be any lesser than the others; it's going to be Super Street Fighter IV".

He also drops this enticing nugget of info regarding 3D-specific decisions they're making for the game:
We're going [to] add something that will surprise people and this will have to be done on 3DS because it requires the 3D function. This is to let people know that something like this can be done in the 3D hardware, but I won't tell you what! (Laughs). But you will find out, you will be surprised and this has to be on the 3DS.
I'm sold - finally an awesome Street Fighter experience on a handheld, and with a D-Pad like the 3DS's, I think this could work. There's also the idea of adhoc multiplayer, multiplayer online... the possibilities are endless. Bring on this press conference already.

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