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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 10:38am 23/09/10 | 16 Comments
As promised yesterday, we now have the new nine-minute gameplay trailer up for BioShock: Infinite, both streamable and downloadable, right here on AusGamers, and in line with our quality assurance for all things downloadable on the site, this is the real deal (ie not ripped from the Xbox Live exclusive).

If you're a purist and avoided that version that was floating about yesterday, feast your eyes on it now and prepare to be amazed and the visual quality of this latest, epic undertaking from Irrational Games and the venerable Ken Lavine, along with their unique vision which clearly rivals that of their previously critically acclaimed title, BioShock.

As usual, it's streamable below, but you can download the 720p, 16Mb bitrate source right here (1.09 GB) from our files library.

irrational gamesbioshock infinitegameplay trailer

Latest Comments
Posted 10:54am 23/9/10
That's a lot of jiggabytes.

It's hard to see how this could be real ingame footage, because so much of it is scripted on the player standing in the right place at the right time... elizabeth will make for a suitable e-girlfriend though imo.
Posted 12:04pm 23/9/10
Gah, they should really have done a PC preview. Xbox just feels so stiff.
Posted 12:14pm 23/9/10
Seems highly scripted for sure. Looks alright, watched it with no sound though (at work).
Posted 12:24pm 23/9/10
The voice actor of the main character sounds like garrett from thief

anyone else notice painting and signs changed as he looks around?
Posted 12:24pm 23/9/10
Remember though, at the start of Bioshock 1, they had the scripted event. You were still able to express freedom in some sort, but there was a "path".
Posted 12:30pm 23/9/10
The voice actor of the main character sounds like garrett from thief

It's not on his imdb page. Doesn't sound like it to me.
Posted 06:10pm 23/9/10
First line of dialog at the very start sounds exactly like him to me, maybe his page isn't up to date or something
Posted 06:23pm 23/9/10
So that was a rendered movie made to look like ingame footage yea?
Posted 06:30pm 23/9/10
It looks like it was done ingame, its just well scripted. Still absolutely awesome nonetheless though!
Posted 06:45pm 23/9/10
Holy s***, that game world looks bizarre and amazing and different. Great video, will definitely purchase.
Posted 10:11pm 23/9/10
i still haven't played Bioshock 2 i will though, but this looks ridiculous i will definitely be purchasing :)
Posted 10:14pm 23/9/10
It's all in-game footage. It's exactly like the very first bit of Bioshock 1. The part where you come up into the surface with the first encounter of splicers. I don't see why people can't remember that games usually do this :S
Posted 10:16pm 23/9/10
read somewhere release date is 2012, makes me sad :(
Posted 11:08pm 23/9/10
Not 'that' impressed :S Maybe I'm expecting too much these days.
Posted 03:42pm 27/9/10
Looking good
Posted 07:02am 28/9/10
looks interesting, i like the rail system to get around looks fun
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