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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 11:12am 21/09/10 | 15 Comments
If you thought Facebook was taking over casual gaming, by offering browser-based options of some of your (old) favourites, you should have a look at what Blizzard are doing. We've known of them to include mini-games within World of WarCraft in the past with the likes of Bejewelled or Peggle, but their latest inclusion takes the cake.

As part of an actual quest, the team have included a Plants Vs Zombies mini-game in obvious homage to the popular tower-defence title, as part of their next expansion, Cataclysm which officially releases later this year.

What other games could they include in WoW as mini-game?

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Latest Comments
Posted 11:15am 21/9/10
Not only is the quest line awesome as hell, but you get a plant pet which is apparantly going to sing the Plants vs Zombies Song. This one...

Posted 11:23am 21/9/10
Plant vs zombie is the best game i have on my ipad so love it!
Posted 11:25am 21/9/10
Plant vs zombie is the best game i have on my ipad so love it!
For real, best $10 I've spent on steam.
Posted 11:49am 21/9/10
Supposedly Blizzard had actually gotten PopCap to help them out with this mini-game, similar to how PopCap got Blizzard to help them with their WoW addon of Peggle and Bejeweled.
Posted 12:13pm 21/9/10
Posted 01:27pm 21/9/10
Are blizzard actually developing a new MMO? We really need something new to talk about other than WOW. It's getting really depressing.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 01:29pm 21/9/10
BlizzCon is next month and we'll be there - so stay tuned ;)
Posted 01:39pm 21/9/10
awesome ... nah WoW is great, if you find it or talking bout it depressing, go play something else :)

looking forward to Cata launch. Not taking leave like I did for Wotlk, but am tempted.
Posted 02:14pm 21/9/10
Oooh you going to blizzcon this year steve. Looking forward to some coverage :)
Posted 04:07pm 21/9/10
Steve travels everywhere, Im jealous :(
Posted 05:08pm 21/9/10
I'll most likely get cata but only for 1 account. GF can buy her own copy if she wants to get addicted again :3

Will make my choice once the 4.0.0 patch drops and see how things change.
Posted 05:16pm 21/9/10
GF can buy her own copy if she wants to get addicted again :3

she hot? :P
Posted 05:29pm 21/9/10
Of course :]
Posted 07:26pm 21/9/10
hah :>
Posted 08:29pm 21/9/10
Goddamn zombies get off mah lawn.
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