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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 10:45am 17/09/10 | 14 Comments
We had a super secret squirrel session with Polyphony Digital's Kazunori Yamauchi last night to talk about Gran Turismo 5, reveal heaps of new information while also shedding light on previous tidbits the driving sim legend had dropped in the past.

We managed to learn about a stack of new, cool cars; new courses and new events, as well as details regarding dynamic weather conditions, randomly generated rally maps and so much more. We also have a plethora of new screens which you can check out by clicking the images below, or right here for a direct jump.

Click here for all the new details.

gran turismo 5screenshotspolyphony digital
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Latest Comments
Posted 10:51am 17/9/10
I can see this game taking over my life =S
Posted 11:09am 17/9/10
Can't wait for GT5!!
Posted 12:05pm 17/9/10
this is going to dominate so f*****g hard

still reckon it's going to look s*** on a console martz ?

hint: those pics were taken from a ps3
Posted 12:10pm 17/9/10
It's not that it looks s*** on the PS3, it's just that it'd look better on a PC :) TEE HEE
Posted 12:51pm 17/9/10
looks pretty f*****g slick to me
Posted 01:25pm 17/9/10
It's not that it looks s*** on the PS3, it's just that it'd look better on a PC :) TEE HEE

Not on my pc =S
Posted 02:48pm 17/9/10
I dunno the screens look pretty damn good, I love my PC but this is the 2nd game to make me actually want a console.
Posted 02:53pm 17/9/10
I'll play it when someone figures out a way to make it work on an xbox or pc so I don't have to buy a ps3
Posted 02:54pm 17/9/10

guess you're s*** out of luck
Posted 05:55pm 17/9/10
The damage modelling on the cars in GT5 looks soooooooooooooooooooo bad, saw some screenshots of it a few weeks ago, looks like the cars are made out of plastic and they've been heated up and melted.

Edit: Found them

More over here in the post on kotaku
Posted 05:57pm 17/9/10
lols, gran turismo
Posted 06:57pm 17/9/10
Looks like gt5 is going for the MORE MORE MORE approach to hide the fact that their physics engine will again be s*****.
Posted 02:59am 19/9/10
...and hopefully the cars don't sound like vaccuum cleaners
Posted 12:08pm 27/9/10
agree with fpot
damage modelling is irrelevant to the quality of a driving sim
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